Monterey Herald Cuts More Jobs, Selling Assets

Too bad it’s been left to disintegrate into this. Wonder if they could have used the hardware and location to support other print jobs.

A month of Hear-Old home delivery costs more than a DSL Internet line. If you need paper to soak up grease there is always the the Cedar Street Times.

Herald Hear-old

The Monterey County Herald announced Thursday it plans to sell its building at 8 Upper Ragsdale Drive in Monterey and move print operations to a Bay Area commercial printer.

“There is an industry-wide effort to relocate newspaper operations into facilities that better suit our needs, and this is part of our ongoing digital strategy,” said Herald Publisher Gary Omernick. “In 1988, The Herald moved operations from downtown Monterey to Ryan Ranch in Monterey. Our industry has changed since then and now we find ourselves in an oversized facility.”