Has Cedar Street Times Defaulted On It's Takeover Of The Bulletin?

The Times is a free weekly paper that looks more like a community bulletin board with articles on art shows, editorial content written by businesses that place ads in the paper and very little news. It does soak up grease from fried foods very well though.

PG Bull

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, former Pacific Grove Hometown Bulletin owner Xavier Maruyama alleges that Cedar Street Times owner Marge Ann Jameson has failed to make monthly payments after agreeing to buy the Bulletin in August 2012 for $40,000.

In a contract Jameson signed last year, she agreed to pay monthly installments of $3,406.00 plus interest of 0.33 percent per month for purchase of the newspaper, according to court documents. But Maruyama, who with his wife, Edie McDonald, sold the Bulletin to Jameson, said Jameson has only made one payment.

Has Cedar Street Times Defaulted On It’s Takeover Of The Bulletin