Take Another Count, P.G. Bulletin

PG Bull

Rosy article in the Pacific Grove Hometown Bulletin says there’s just one empty storefront on Lighthouse ave:
PG Bbull Reports

What? I counted four three empty businesses this morning:

The Hart Mansion – former restaurant (take this off the list since it’s a private residence for now)Hart Mansion

The Wachovia Bank – good location for a restaurant with outdoor tables.Wachovia

Primo – another former restaurantprimo for sale

Hallmark – vacant for about 50 years it seems.
Hallmark 2010

Conclusion, I’m thankful for the free paper that is mailed to my home. I use it for a kitty litter pan liner.

Take Another Count, P.G. Bulletin

9 thoughts on “Take Another Count, P.G. Bulletin

  1. Hey, the empty spaces are diminishing in their fantasy world. In my fantasy world there is a real pharmacy/drug store/Five & Dime (not the holistic one that charges top dollar on Central) downtown. As far as I’m concerned, stores that sell expensive ladies’ purses that look like giant flowers, rusty outdoor furniture, couture children’s wear, buddas, clothes made out of hemp, gardening goo-gaas, $5- and $6-figure art, and other useless crap are as good as empty stores.

  2. Noticed that the other storefront in the old Grove Theater building is occupied by a place called “Carried Away”. Too bad it fits Albert Sharks list to a tee.

    I call it SNOWBWBTGTSE – Stuff No One Wants But Would Buy To Give To Someone Else.

  3. Know what is open less than an art gallery? The baby boutique that replaced an art gallery. Sprout. Open for 19 hours a week.

    Sprout, 19 hours a week

  4. “Open for 19 hours a week”

    Wow! That’s less than the library! BTW, did you read that the museum might open on Mondays if the farmers market moves down there. That means they would be open 7 days a week, while the library is open only 4 half-days. I don’t know about you, but I think the city’s priorities are pretty screwed up if the museum is open while the library is closed. To me, libraries are a necessity, while museums are very nice, but are an extra-not a necessity.

  5. I think the Dr. Hart property may have sold. I don’t see the for sale sign. Also, about a month ago it was tented for termites.

  6. Yes, it was sold. They put a sign in front saying their family is going to live in it. Have fun with that, there have been 3 sewer spills from the back. Be a nice place to live. They took out the kitchen appliances though.

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