Take Another Count, P.G. Bulletin

PG Bull

Rosy article in the Pacific Grove Hometown Bulletin says there’s just one empty storefront on Lighthouse ave:
PG Bbull Reports

What? I counted four three empty businesses this morning:

The Hart Mansion – former restaurant (take this off the list since it’s a private residence for now)Hart Mansion

The Wachovia Bank – good location for a restaurant with outdoor tables.Wachovia

Primo – another former restaurantprimo for sale

Hallmark – vacant for about 50 years it seems.
Hallmark 2010

Conclusion, I’m thankful for the free paper that is mailed to my home. I use it for a kitty litter pan liner.

Take Another Count, P.G. Bulletin

Primo – Small Food Portions, Big Whines

The wine bar was a losing business prospect over at the Grove Bistro which stayed open for 9 months.

Can being open four days a week be a success? Will they add live music like the ‘pretending to be a bookstore’ coffee house or ‘pretending to be a home theater store’? The clock starts now.

Don’t forget that Big Wines attract crime.

Primo Open

Primo – Small Food Portions, Big Whines