Erik Cushman’s Predisposition For Strong Whiskey And Multiple DUI Arrests

Things even the Squid would not write about.

What a doofus for trying to drive when intoxicated – while serving five years’ probation from the last DUI conviction.

Erik Cushman DUI Arrest

Pacific Grove police arrested Monterey County Weekly publisher Erik Cushman July 28 for drunken driving and violating his probation from an earlier DUI conviction, which includes a requirement that he not drive if he has any alcohol in his blood.
The arrest happened as Cushman, 46, was on his way home from a Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce dinner where he accepted a Business Excellence Award for his newspaper in the Media and Marketing category

Cushman, who in a recent interview for the  California Newspaper Publishers Association’s newsletter said his qualifications to be a newspaper publisher included his “predisposition for foul language and strong whiskey,” was arrested for his first DUI on May 30, 2009,

Erik Cushman’s Predisposition For Strong Whiskey And Multiple DUI Arrests

The Weakly Gangs Up On Coletti

Luke is doing the job no one else would do – hold others accountable.

Coast Weakly

That Coletti and Harvey were pitted against each other was unsurprising to anyone observing Pacific Grove city government. But there’s a pattern: At least three other similar claims of workplace harassment have been filed by city staff members against Coletti. Two remain under active investigation.

Beyond that, multiple staff members have departed from City Hall. Former housing manager Anastacia Wyatt left for the City of Monterey; former community development director Alyson Hunter left for Marina. In a resignation letter in 2022, Hunter cited “aggressive questioning” as a reason for her departure.

Tough questioning is one thing. Workplace bullying is another. And Coletti seems intent on continuing to cross that line.

The Weakly Gangs Up On Coletti

Squids Got Internet!


Squid has been stuck to the edge of Squid’s seat– mainly to stave off “office butt”– while following three pigeon poop threads on the P.G. message board

But nastiness crept into the thread when Palmer posted a Photoshopped picture of P.G. Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar (who is of Lebanese ancestry) in an Iraqi official’s uniform, to which Guest1 replied, “Nice photo of Mohamad!” Colburn responded with more Photoshop art, this one depicting Ammar’s head on a Lebanese Army soldier’s body.

Squid thinks that load stinks worse than pigeon poop.

No, the Chamber Of Commerce’s propaganda and fear mongering stink more than pigeon poop. The Iraqi satire was of “Baghdad Bob” (who in real life is known as Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, the guy that stands in front of cameras proclaiming victory over the US) since Moe stands up and makes stupid statements praising the Chamber. The other is of Muammar al-Gaddafi, the terrorist dictator. The names are similar. And Moe is a bit of a socialist dictator, IMO

Squids Got Internet!