Who Remembers "Most Romantic Destination"?

Propaganda piece proclaims P.G. the place for passion while the screening’s location may be a better bet.

The Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce will screen a four-minute music video, “Pacific Grove: A Love Story,” highlighting Pacific Grove as a top romantic destination, on Feb. 24 at its annual membership luncheon.

The luncheon at the Inn at Spanish Bay is $25 for members and $40 for nonmembers.

Who Remembers “Most Romantic Destination”?

Look! Out In The Dark! It's A Bird! It's A Raccoon! It's . .

. . Man Bun Man, our new superhero.


Surveillance cameras captured the incidents, and the chamber handed the footage over to the Pacific Grove Police Department and KSBW.

“The videos plainly show two separate incidents of the illegal act of impinging on the Chamber of Commerce’s right to freedom of expression,” chamber members said.

According to the city manager, one of the men in the videos was identified as local activist Luke Coletti, and he apologized.

But police are conducting an investigation to identify a second man in the video, who has a ponytail.

On Friday, the chamber announced it is offering a $500 reward for information that leads to the identification and arrest of the man with the ponytail.

Coletti told KSBW that he did not steal any signs, and merely put the signs on the ground. It was unclear if Coletti will face criminal charges.

Look! Out In The Dark! It’s A Bird! It’s A Raccoon! It’s . .

Chamber Of Commerce Wants Robocalls So You Can Be Interrupted

Now there are two things that have zero credibility with me. The Chamber of Commerce and and Robocalls.

The Chamber of Commerce is suing to strike down the Federal Communications Commission’s new robocall restrictions approved in June. The FCC proposal, approved in a 3-2 vote, would broaden the definition of autodialers, which can churn through numerous telephone numbers at the same time but are banned from calling mobile phones.

The Chamber also alleged that the new rule allowing consumers to more easily opt out of being called are largely unworkable. And the limits on calling a number that has been reassigned opens business up to litigation for “simply attempting in good faith to communicate with customers who previously provided valid consent to be contacted,” according to the Chamber.

Chamber Of Commerce Wants Robocalls So You Can Be Interrupted

Moammar Shocked That Tourists Don't Buy $22 Noodles

Shocked! Just Shocked!!
Also continues to slam the Farmers Market. Can’t let a day go by without dissing something that benefits the residents.

Ammar said the restaurants in Pacific Grove that are doing the best right now are moderately priced, family places such Holly’s Lighthouse Cafe or Vivolo’s Chowder House, for example.

“I actually heard some tourists talking one day and they said: ‘Instead of going to (higher-end) Fandango, let’s grab some sandwiches at the farmers market,'” he said. “I’ve seen tourists open their trunks to eat out of their coolers.”

Moammar Shocked That Tourists Don’t Buy $22 Noodles

A Shoe Store Opens – Close The Streets And Party?

Chamber Of Commerce is clearly biased. They oppose closing Lighthouse for the Farmers Market but will close the street for a shoe store.

Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce is hosting ‘Fun on Lighthouse’ block party on Sept. 24 from 4-7 p.m. in the 500 block of Lighthouse Avenue. The retail and dining promotion will include the grand opening of Marita’s Shoes

A Shoe Store Opens – Close The Streets And Party?

P.G. Chamber Of Commerce Painted By Painters From Monterey

What? Are there not any craftsmen that work & live in our town.
coc painted

Checked Google for Norton, one of these days. Working out of Monterey.
Google norton

Checked Yahoo! for Norton. Still says Monterey.
norton yahoo

Let your fingers take a walk (street address blurred – that would be uncool since it’s an apartment). Monterey.
norton yellow

Someone claiming to be Ted Norton called and left a message peppered with F-words. Click to hear – it’s bleeped.

P.G. Chamber Of Commerce Painted By Painters From Monterey

P.G. Motels To Pony Up For Chamber Promotions

The Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce has announced the formation of the Pacific Grove Hospitality Improvement District which was authorized by the City Council at its Dec. 5 meeting.

The district funds promotions, marketing activities and physical improvements related to the city’s hospitality industry, and is funded by the assessment of $1.50 per occupied room night for full-service accommodation establishments and $1 for limited service establishments. Funds will be governed by a five-member advisory board.

Maybe get them some bigger trash cans in the quest to beautify.

P.G. Motels To Pony Up For Chamber Promotions