Farmers Market Move In Hands Of City Council

We may see who’s is most influenced by business owners – will they make the market move to Central ave or the parking lot by Fandango?

The board of Everyone’s Harvest voted Sunday to move the Pacific Grove market off Lighthouse Avenue if the Pacific Grove City Council requests it.

Everyone’s Harvest executive director Iris Peppard said the board agreed to either keep the market at its current location on Lighthouse or move it to Central and Grand avenues near the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, Public Library and Chamber of Commerce office.

Farmers Market Move In Hands Of Council

6 thoughts on “Farmers Market Move In Hands Of City Council

  1. I’d say that raping your customers is hard on business too. I have this theory that the chamber doesn’t like the Grove market too much so with the market next door, people would use up the GM lot.

  2. I’m becoming really disillusioned too. I used to think PG was paradise, but it’s really Paradise Lost. PG, a town without a pot to pi** in, A town of tree huggers, several imbecile council members, streets full of cracks and holes, village idiots, vacant businesses, gangs moving in, a moronic Chamber of Commerce guy, who couldn’t even help himself to one of his own buggers, a Fire Dept. based out of Monterey, shall I go on? PG is getting worse.

  3. I ditto that… comment made by abfab… This town is just sooo… soooo.. I can’t say anymore.! It’s just coming to the point that I have had enough of the this town.

  4. Just leave the market at its present location. Majority rules. There is little impact on most businesses, for Gods sake, the thing starts at 4PM. Why oh why, is there always a couple of people (Cottage Veterinary Care and Ron’s Liquors) who no matter what you do, have to piss and moan? and ruin it for everyone else. If business is truly declining at Ron’s, I think we all know why. LEAVE THE MARKET ALONE.

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