Farmers’ Market to Moooooove?

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The farmers market on Lighthouse Avenue really has not grown since it’s beginning. There’s only so much demand for tomatoes or the sparse offerings of P.G. residents. Maybe if we had more chickens in town there would be an egg booth. Solid Fact: There are not many farmers in P.G. It’s a town of vacant vacation homes and people too busy to walk to town every week in search of carrots.

Change the location & change the format and it might take off. Then the cranky downtown store owners would complain that the market is taking away all the shoppers from downtown.

“Pacific Grove on a Monday afternoon before the Farmers Market was empty: parking everywhere, no people on the street, totally dead,” she says. “With the Farmers Market, there are definitely more cars around.”

The subcommittee will meet over the next few months to explore alternative market locations, including the parking lot behind the Holman building (on Lighthouse and Grand Avenue) and the lot below Pepper’s (on Forest Avenue at Lighthouse), Valuch says.

Meanwhile, in an effort to draw more traffic in the typically sluggish chilly season, Peppard wants to invite vendors from all of Monterey County to participate in the “non-certified” (prepared foods and crafts) section of the market.

Farmers’ Market – Moooooove?

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  1. Walk through PG at night, there are cars everywhere & stores are closed (But for liquor stores). There are always cars on Lighthouse in PG. Haven’t figured out why yet.

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