Moammar Shocked That Tourists Don't Buy $22 Noodles

Shocked! Just Shocked!!
Also continues to slam the Farmers Market. Can’t let a day go by without dissing something that benefits the residents.

Ammar said the restaurants in Pacific Grove that are doing the best right now are moderately priced, family places such Holly’s Lighthouse Cafe or Vivolo’s Chowder House, for example.

“I actually heard some tourists talking one day and they said: ‘Instead of going to (higher-end) Fandango, let’s grab some sandwiches at the farmers market,'” he said. “I’ve seen tourists open their trunks to eat out of their coolers.”

Moammar Shocked That Tourists Don’t Buy $22 Noodles

1 thought on “Moammar Shocked That Tourists Don't Buy $22 Noodles

  1. Two restaurants I never bother with. Instead of Hollys – Go to
    Mauricio’s or Red House is far better.
    Vivolo’s – so they can make Clam Chowder – BFD. Rombis,
    PassionFish, Favaloro’s much better than that dumpy

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