Coronavirus Closes Aquarium

Aquarium Kalisas

Pacific Grove Good Old Days, Pebble Beach Food & Wine also cut.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is temporarily closing to the public as a precaution against the spread of the new coronavirus.

In a press release Thursday afternoon, the Aquarium said it was closing “with the health and safety of our employees, volunteers and guests top of mind, and as a precautionary measure following the governor’s executive order canceling large gatherings.”

Coronavirus Closes Aquarium

Stupid Things Moe Says, 2020

More hand washing stations, that will make it good.

Good Old Days, the annual big bash in Pacific Grove that has historically drawn hundreds of people to Butterfly Town, is moving ahead undaunted by the spread of the coronavirus.

Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said Tuesday the only way Good Old Days will be cancelled is if the Monterey County Health Department orders it.

“We’ll only react to the health department,” Ammar said. “If they say cancel the event then we will. We have 235 vendors and only one said they wouldn’t come.”

Event planners have increased the number of hand-washing stations and cleaning crews, he said.

Stupid Things Moe Says, 2020

It Takes Guts To Support Republicans In P.G.

Good Old Days had a Donald Trump booth, no surprise that the other side was vocal and abusive.

New at the fair this year was a booth for Donald Trump supporters.

“We need to get out the information that in order to vote for Mr. Trump, (you) have to be registered (in the) Republican Party, and that’s why we have this booth,” said Jackie Miller, who represented Californians for Donald Trump.

The booth and campaign materials came out of her own pocket.

A lot of people stopped by to show their support, but they weren’t met without controversy.

During an interview with Action News, a Bernie Sanders supporter jumped in front of the camera, yelling “Bernie 2016!”

As the Sanders supporter walked away, he yelled, “No racists.”

Another Trump supporter volunteering at the booth said they had been harassed by hecklers all morning.

“We’ve had some very abusive, one particular person, and he’s doing this in front of his very small children, which I take offense to,” said Nikki Schoessow.

It Takes Guts To Support Republicans In P.G.

Vicious Dog Attack At Good Old Days

Please leave the dogs at home. It could have been a child mauled.

“He is lucky to be alive,” she said. Enns said she took Harry to see the dogs at the SPCA for Monterey County adoption booth when they encountered Heidi, who was also on a leash. Without being provoked, the pit bull suddenly attacked Harry, according to Enns.

The UC Davis veterinary hospital treated Harry, who went back to the facility Wednesday for a checkup. Enns said Harry looks “pretty normal” but that he’s missing
some of his front teeth. She said she is going to look into the possibility of having Harry fitted with dental implants. Meanwhile, Heidi, who was in quarantine
at the SPCA after the attack, was scheduled to be put down Thursday.

Vicious Dog Attack At Good Old Days

Good Old Days 2011 – Moe Said WHAT?

Thai Stick?

“It’s the largest arts and crafts show in the tri-county area,” Ammar said. “We have top-name bands and entertainment. Look at downtown on Lighthouse. It’s a zoo.”

A throng of people walked along the noisy, smoky Lighthouse Avenue surrounded by the smells of cooking corn dogs, bratwurst, garlic fries, Thai sticks and calamari. The food vendors shared space with arts and crafts booths, children’s face painting, bounce houses and rides.

Some Good Old Days vendors’ wares show real class:
GOD No Skinny Bitches

Good Old Days 2011 – Moe Said WHAT?

Good Old Rainy Days

Moe, what happened to the Benz?

Chamber of Commerce president Moe Ammar, mounted in an electric car, rallied his troops under lowering clouds and the threat of high winds and rain that had already driven away a block’s worth of craft vendors’ booths on Lighthouse Avenue.

Most craft vendors reacted to a memo sent by Ammar Saturday that the county Office of Emergency Services predicted heavy rains and winds of 40 mph to 50 mph beginning at 5a.m. Sunday by folding their tents and stealing away in the night.

By 10 a.m., no storm had materialized.

God Rained Out

By noon, it was pouring.

Good Old Rainy Days

Good Old Days 2010 – Wet, Cold, Windy

God Rainy Days

Sunday rain closed down most of the ‘days by noon. Saturday was cold. Parade was so-so. Was better in the real good old days . .

It started with a group of women getting together in downtown Pacific Grove to exchange recipes over tea and cookies.

Within a few years, local merchants caught on that the annual gathering could be a good thing for the community, and they began setting up booths and organizing events. Pacific Grove’s spring festival continued to grow until, 53 years later, Good Old Days is not only the city’s biggest event, but the largest vending event in Monterey County.

Good Old Days 2010 – Wet, Cold, Windy