Bruiser The Pig Forced Out Of Town

Hope no one sees my service camel.

Earlier in the public hearing the two spoke to council passionately about their pet, Bruiser, and shared a long list of myths about mini-pigs. Lisa Hanes told council that Bruiser serves as an emotional support animal for her.

City staff told the council that under the Americans with Disability Act, dogs, and in some cases, miniature horses trained to perform tasks for disabled people, are allowed as service animals. Emotional support animals could be allowed with a medical recommendation, and a determination by the city manager.

Besides pigs, the ordinance would also prohibit as pets horses, cows, sheep, goats, gulls, raccoons, deer, squirrels, geese and other “domestic, domesticated, exotic or wild animals.”

“Common household pets” like guinea pigs, reptiles, birds and rabbits would be allowed. Bees and chickens would be allowed with permits.

Bruiser The Pig Forced Out Of Town