Substainable Shopping Bags Used In Crime

Thought it was another shoplifting story? Naw, over in Eco Loving Santa Cruz they are used to cover robbers’ head’s.

Stephen Hill, 26, was arrested by deputies on Wednesday outside Walgreens on Soquel Avenue.

Deputies responded to a report of a robbery at the pharmacy at 8:08 a.m. The suspect was said to be wearing a white bag over his head, a white sweatshirt and jeans. He fled on a skateboard.

Hill, dressed in clothing that matched the suspect and wearing latex gloves, was stopped by deputies. He had a skateboard, 27 bottles of methadone and a bottle of morphine, deputies said.

Hill had a white canvas grocery bag with two holes poked in it.

Substainable Shopping Bags Used In Crime

Dopes With Hope? Nope

If you think there are cops around, don’t go looking for the drop off. LOL.

Two men were arrested Monday after apparently trying to retrieve a hidden marijuana stash from the Pacific Grove High School campus, police reported.

School staff found a Mason jar full of marijuana in a wooded area near the soccer field. When officers arrived to investigate, they saw Sean Paul Kilpatrick, 27, and Cory Wayne Peters, 24, both of Pacific Grove, appearing to intently search the same area.

Dopes With Hope? Nope

Ransom A Car? Right.

Troy Hill

Troy William Hill. Add your name to the list of those arrested for being stupid: Nicholas Gore , Sean Conners and Kirby Bruno Jr.

The caller told the victim, who was not identified by police, that he would return the vehicle if she brought him $1,000. She was instructed to meet the caller at the McDonald’s in Sand City.

A surveillance and sting operation was conducted at the restaurant with the assistance of Monterey, Sand City, Seaside and Pacific Grove police departments, said Carmel police Sgt. Michael Calhoun.

Ransom A Car? Right.

Thief Leaves Cell Phone At Crime Scene, Comes Back To Get Arrested

None-too-bright Pacific Grove criminals.

Sean Conners

A suspected car burglar was arrested in Pebble Beach last week after he left his cell phone behind and then arranged a meeting with the victim to get it back.

Pacific Grove resident Sean Connors, 18, pleaded not guilty in Monterey County Superior Court Thursday to felony charges of vehicle burglary, grand theft and possession of stolen property – though he apparently didn’t possess it for long.

A caddie at Cypress Point Club, called the sheriff’s office just before 11 a.m. May 19 after discovering his Toyota Tundra had been burglarized.

He found a cell phone inside that did not belong to him, said Sgt. John DiCarlo. The phone rang, so the victim answered it, and the suspect said, “I left my cell phone in the car, and I’ll give you your property back if you give me my cell phone back.”

Nottenkamper agreed, hung up, and then promptly called the sheriff to report his truck had been broken into, his wallet, including $185 cash and day planner stolen, and the suspect was on his way back to the scene of the crime.

Deputy John Pellerin arrived at the caddie parking lot off 17 Mile Drive 10 minutes later.<

When the deputy arrived, the suspect was there with the victim and he was arrested, DiCarlo said. Nottenkamper recovered his planner and wallet, complete with cash and credit cards.

Thief Leaves Cell Phone At Crime Scene, Comes Back To Get Arrested