So Long Fisherman's Wharf, Was Nice To Know Ya

A visit to the wharf for some KarmelKorn may be in order to see the place before it turns into another tacky tourist trap.

Louie Linguine greeter

The City of Monterey confirmed Friday it is in talks with San Francisco based firm SFO Forecast Inc. to lease Balesteri’s old spot on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Sam Balesteri owned a gift shop at the location for five decades but failed to negotiate a new lease with the city in 2016. In August Balesteri received an eviction notice and in December vacated the property.

SFO Forecast Inc. already manages two properties in Monterey, Louie Linguini’s and After the Quake, both are on Cannery Row.

So Long Fisherman’s Wharf, Was Nice To Know Ya

See The Parallels?

Go out of the way to protect otters and sea lions and you get more sharks.

Hungry Alien Sharks

Researchers say 2016 has been an interesting year for great white sharks in the Monterey Bay. Sean Van Sommeran with the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation monitors white shark activity and in 2016 his team recorded 12 juvenile great whites. Until 2014 there were no recorded sightings of juvenile white sharks.

Go out of the way to attract tourists and you get more crime.

See The Parallels?

Balesteri's Vacates Fisherman's Wharf

City wants more Cannery Row style franchise stores and their sky high rents. Times are changing, catch a part of the Old Fisherman’s Wharf while it’s still there.

Balesteri said the city wanted to double the rent at the location in the new lease, and while he did not give the exact price, he said the proposed rent was in the neighborhood of $9,000 a month.

The space Balesteri’s rented included three business fronts, in addition to the coffee shop and the gift shop the owner of Paluca Trattoria sublet the restaurant space. Paluca will remain open and has worked out a separate deal with the city.

Balesteri’s is the first of two family owned businesses vacating the wharf over lease negotiation problems. Liberty Fish is not re-upping its lease and is expected to leave early in 2017.

Balesteri’s Vacates At Fisherman’s Wharf

Seaside's Wastewater Is Going To Cost You

Why the water companies are so happy with the project. It used Other People’s Money so it’s no risk to them.

Customers are going to see a change on their bills as a result of the project. In an interview earlier this month, Stedman said to expect a 15-percent increase this year to pay for the pipeline construction and water purchase.

Seaside’s Wastewater Is Going To Cost You

Politics And Pigs Par For P.G.

Pet owners looking for pro pig politician.

The Pacific Grove candidates forum provided a mix of pigs and politics Thursday night at the recreation center when Bruiser the pet pig showed up with his family, the Hanes.
The Hanes family handed out Hershey Kisses and Hugs from Bruiser to forum goers and had a bright pink poster reading #SaveBruiser on display.

“We have a lot of confidence that hopefully we are going to win this appeal, we’ve been pleading with the city again, and again, to say please change this, let us keep him,” Lisa Hanes said.

Politics And Pigs Par For P.G.

East Bound And A Pole's Down

Semi carrying cars to an event made the wrong turn there, 10-4

A big rig car carrier was making the turn at Lighthouse Ave. and Eardley Ave. in Pacific Grove when it struck a power pole. There was no damage to the truck, but there was significant damage to the base of the power pole which was leaning precariously over the street.

East Bound And A Pole’s Down

Newcomer Ache-man Reports On Seals

Ex Tree Posse now seal posse reports on The Warm Blob.

Hungry Alien Sharks

Akeman and wife Kim monitor the seals year round and they’ve said the seals had a rough season in 2015.

Warm water temperatures from El Nino and the warm blob drove food sources farther out to sea last year. Seals starved to death and some had trouble during the pupping season.

“There have been a lot of shark bites we’ve seen on seals. This is their favorite food and some may have disappeared but we have seen a lot of survivors,” he said.

Newcomer Ache-man Reports On Seals

City Proposing A 140% Tax Hike

Increasing business tax as other sources for more money fail.

The proposed increase would take the current rate from $0.001 per dollar of gross receipts to $0.0024.

If passed, the initiative would also remove the current cap.

Right now, if a business makes more than $3 million in gross receipts, they only pay $3,000 in business license tax because that is the current cap.

City Manager Ben Harvey said there are about 20 businesses in Pacific Grove affected by the cap.

The city has been exploring ways to increase revenue for months and this is one of the ideas the council thinks could work.

City Proposing A 140% Tax Hike

Butterfly Population Is Dwindling

Lost their rental homes to newcomers from Fresno?

Who is The Xerces Society? They just told us that the Monarch population was up in February. Sounds like a global warming ruse.

A new study by the Xerces Society showed a 74 percent decrease in the number of monarch butterflies over the last two decades.

Butterfly conservationists at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History monitor the monarch numbers on the Monterey Peninsula and said the study’s results come as no surprise. They are similar to a trend conservationists are seeing locally.

“Their numbers are going down,” museum representative Patrick Whitehurst said.

Butterfly Population Is Dwindling

City Says Bruiser The Pig Must Go

I am surprised that he Hanes’ have not used the “emotional support animal” excuse that was used to keep a miniature horse in a residential area of town.

neighbors who live next door to Bruiser said it’s been hard to deal with stinky smells caused by the pig for the past two years.

“The smell is entering our yard and kitchen and dining area,” Ray Magsalay told city officials at a hearing held to determine the pig’s fate.

Lisa Hanes and her husband, Mark Hanes, said Magsalay, “has made this a mission to get rid of our pig.”

In January 2016, the city issued a compliance notice asking the Hanes to remove feces from their property. The Hanes said they built a pig pen and cleaned the yard more frequently.

In May, however, city officials decided that the owners are still out of compliance, and requested they get rid of their pet by June 20.

City Says Bruiser The Pig Must Go