City Proposing A 140% Tax Hike

Increasing business tax as other sources for more money fail.

The proposed increase would take the current rate from $0.001 per dollar of gross receipts to $0.0024.

If passed, the initiative would also remove the current cap.

Right now, if a business makes more than $3 million in gross receipts, they only pay $3,000 in business license tax because that is the current cap.

City Manager Ben Harvey said there are about 20 businesses in Pacific Grove affected by the cap.

The city has been exploring ways to increase revenue for months and this is one of the ideas the council thinks could work.

City Proposing A 140% Tax Hike

Butterfly Population Is Dwindling

Lost their rental homes to newcomers from Fresno?

Who is The Xerces Society? They just told us that the Monarch population was up in February. Sounds like a global warming ruse.

A new study by the Xerces Society showed a 74 percent decrease in the number of monarch butterflies over the last two decades.

Butterfly conservationists at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History monitor the monarch numbers on the Monterey Peninsula and said the study’s results come as no surprise. They are similar to a trend conservationists are seeing locally.

“Their numbers are going down,” museum representative Patrick Whitehurst said.

Butterfly Population Is Dwindling

City Says Bruiser The Pig Must Go

I am surprised that he Hanes’ have not used the “emotional support animal” excuse that was used to keep a miniature horse in a residential area of town.

neighbors who live next door to Bruiser said it’s been hard to deal with stinky smells caused by the pig for the past two years.

“The smell is entering our yard and kitchen and dining area,” Ray Magsalay told city officials at a hearing held to determine the pig’s fate.

Lisa Hanes and her husband, Mark Hanes, said Magsalay, “has made this a mission to get rid of our pig.”

In January 2016, the city issued a compliance notice asking the Hanes to remove feces from their property. The Hanes said they built a pig pen and cleaned the yard more frequently.

In May, however, city officials decided that the owners are still out of compliance, and requested they get rid of their pet by June 20.

City Says Bruiser The Pig Must Go

NIMBYs Nix Netting

Ball Blocker Is Baloney!

Residents in Pacific Grove are not happy about a new net planned for the golf course, saying it will block their view of the bay.

The planned net would be more than 30 feet high and 320 feet long. But nearby neighbors hope the city will at least consider putting a smaller net in.

“They claim that netting is 35 feet is a standard. That’s baloney. It’s not a standard,” Sanford Cohen said.

Cohen and Richard Stillwell live on Jewel Avenue.

“See the top of those poles? I can’t even see the mountains over there,” said Stillwell, pointing across the bay.

NIMBYs Nix Netting

Hey P.G. Commuters, Monterey Says Ride A Bike

Why not make all the tourists ride bikes. Put up a gate at the tunnel, resident cars only.

Expect delays

Construction on the Holman Highway Roundabout project is expected to begin in June. The project, up at the intersection of 17-Mile Drive and state Route 68, will likely push a lot more vehicle traffic onto Lighthouse Avenue, a Monterey artery that is already frequently clogged.

“Come 3 p.m., 3:30 p.m., it starts to back up, and from that point until about 7 p.m., it’s pretty slow here,” said Jason Costanza, who owns Monterey Seibuken Academy, on Lighthouse Avenue.

Monterey is hoping rather than getting frustrated with even more traffic this summer, people will take a new route to work.

“We want to get people to walk, and we want to get people to bike,” said Andrea Renny, with the city’s traffic and engineering department.

Hey P.G. Commuters, Monterey Says Ride A Bike

Top Gun Mazda Takes Out Sacramento Formation

Well that ought to keep the Sacramento tourists away. Pictures at KSBW.

Drivers involved in the 11 a.m. wreck said they were part of a sports car club from Sacramento. The group was on their way to cruise 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach when they decided to pull over in Pacific Grove by the ocean and take photographs.

As they were turning back onto Ocean View Boulevard, an approaching black Mazda convertible crashed into at least two of the group’s cars, club members said.

The Mazda’s personalized license plate frame read, “I’M NOT DRIVING FAST, I’M FLYING LOW.”

Top Gun Mazda Takes Out Sacramento Formation

It Takes Guts To Support Republicans In P.G.

Good Old Days had a Donald Trump booth, no surprise that the other side was vocal and abusive.

New at the fair this year was a booth for Donald Trump supporters.

“We need to get out the information that in order to vote for Mr. Trump, (you) have to be registered (in the) Republican Party, and that’s why we have this booth,” said Jackie Miller, who represented Californians for Donald Trump.

The booth and campaign materials came out of her own pocket.

A lot of people stopped by to show their support, but they weren’t met without controversy.

During an interview with Action News, a Bernie Sanders supporter jumped in front of the camera, yelling “Bernie 2016!”

As the Sanders supporter walked away, he yelled, “No racists.”

Another Trump supporter volunteering at the booth said they had been harassed by hecklers all morning.

“We’ve had some very abusive, one particular person, and he’s doing this in front of his very small children, which I take offense to,” said Nikki Schoessow.

It Takes Guts To Support Republicans In P.G.

Look! Out In The Dark! It's A Bird! It's A Raccoon! It's . .

. . Man Bun Man, our new superhero.


Surveillance cameras captured the incidents, and the chamber handed the footage over to the Pacific Grove Police Department and KSBW.

“The videos plainly show two separate incidents of the illegal act of impinging on the Chamber of Commerce’s right to freedom of expression,” chamber members said.

According to the city manager, one of the men in the videos was identified as local activist Luke Coletti, and he apologized.

But police are conducting an investigation to identify a second man in the video, who has a ponytail.

On Friday, the chamber announced it is offering a $500 reward for information that leads to the identification and arrest of the man with the ponytail.

Coletti told KSBW that he did not steal any signs, and merely put the signs on the ground. It was unclear if Coletti will face criminal charges.

Look! Out In The Dark! It’s A Bird! It’s A Raccoon! It’s . .

P.G. High Football Player Sent Carmel High Bomb Threats

Jocks. Sheeshe.

A 16-year-old boy who is a football player at Pacific Grove High School was identified this week as the person who made a bomb threat against Carmel High School, investigators said.

The student used a social media campus feed app, Ogle, to write an anonymous message Feb. 21. The Carmel-Pacific Grove rivalry hits it peak during the annual Shoe Game in November.

Deputies traced Ogle messages back to the football player, served search warrants and interviewed him.

P.G. High Football Player Sent Carmel High Bomb Threats

Police Standoff In 300 Block of Cedar

Family members called 911 because a man was having a mental health “crisis,” police said.

When officers arrived, the man was standing in the backyard holding a knife to his chest.

Officers talked to the man for more than two hours and convinced him to put the knife down.

He was handcuffed and escorted into an ambulance for a mental evaluation.

Police Standoff In 300 Block of Cedar