Lighthouse Curve Just 6th Place For Traffic Congestion

More tax dollars spent on stoplights to route the tourists and tourist industry workers. Where would we be without tourists?

Narrowing the sidewalks on Lighthouse or making Hawthorne one way to Pvt Bolio were all great ideas, but they are all pro-car and not an option.

Lighthouse Curve

On an average day 54,000 cars come around the Lighthouse curve passing Private Bolio Gate to the Presidio of Monterey. That is more vehicles than travel any given spot on Highway 1, Highway 101, Highway 68, or Highway 156 in Monterey County.

The first step has been adding adaptive traffic signals.

“What this system does is every two and a half minutes it makes decisions based on the traffic that is coming,” Renny said.

The signals also keep a history of traffic so the system can make predictive decisions. A portion of Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey already has the signals but by Summer 2019 the city plans to install the lights stretching from David Avenue and Lighthouse Avenue all the way to English Avenue and Del Monte Avenue.

The money for the project is coming from a grant, neighborhood improvement fund dollars and Measure X.

Lighthouse Curve Just 6th Place For Traffic Congestion

Less Steinbeck, More Stockton: Red’s Station On The Way Out

Fischer says you’ll never notice it. As if anyone from P.G. will afford the 10 apartments in this block.

Reds Station

“The residents who live on Walnut or 10th Street or Asilomar Avenue won’t even notice anything — they won’t even see or hear the changes downtown. In fact, most of the city will see no change except that the city has more money to take care of their streets,” added Fischer.

Now, the project will be put on the city’s water wait list. While the last time the gas station there was modified was in 1992 (after being built in 1957) it is not on the city’s historic resources inventory. Still, there’s a great history behind the original gas station that once existed there. That was the Flying A service station that was owned and operated by Everett “Red” Williams. Known as Red’s, it was where John Steinbeck and other characters of the time in the 1930s would often congregate.

Less Steinbeck, More Stockton: Red’s Station On The Way Out

California Firestorms Good For P.G. Tourism

Don’t give Moe any ideas.

Moe Dont Buy American

The conditions caused by the California wildfires that have affected a number of tourists visiting popular summer destinations like Wine Country and Yosemite have conversely led to a surge in visitors to Pacific Grove.

That’s according to Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar who said that in particular, the number of foreign visitors to America’s Last Hometown has nearly doubled this summer, according to statistics gathered from the town’s tourist information center.

“It’s very unfortunate what’s happened there but the fact that we don’t have any fires on the Monterey Peninsula is good for us,” said Ammar, who noted the cancellation of his own family’s upcoming trip to Yosemite.

California Firestorms Good For P.G. Tourism

Don’t Be Rolling Dirty When Parked On The Shoreline After Midnight

Raul got 4 years in county jail. Drugs, they make you stupid.

On April 29 shortly after 1 a.m., Pacific Grove police officers checked an illegally parked vehicle on Ocean View Boulevard near the beach and searched 40-year-old Raul Tapia and 39-year-old Monica Gallegos, who was with him, pursuant to the terms of his probation. At the time, officers reported finding drugs and “a dangerous weapon.” Duffy said they found 6.1 grams of methamphetamine concealed in a hole in the driver’s seat, and located a pipe, 4.5 grams of heroin, and four bottles of Jim Beam bourbon elsewhere in Tapia’s car

Don’t Be Rolling Dirty When Parked On The Shoreline After Midnight

Andronico’s Coming To Closed Nob Hill Store Location

Well they have a good location among the rest of the high priced businesses. Will they have cheap wine for the frequent shoplifters or Safeway offerings, Trader Joes parking with Whole Foods prices?

Nob Hill OOB

“We are excited to introduce Andronico’s Community Markets to the Monterey community,” Safeway spokeswoman Wendy Gutshall told The Pine Cone Wednesday.

Andronico’s — which is supposed to be open in the former Nob Hill spot by Thanksgiving — was a small San Francisco Bay Area chain that Frank Andronico, a native of Greece, opened in 1929 in Berkeley. While it once had nine locations,
it fell on hard times, and Safeway purchased its remaining stores, and now it plans to open one here.

Andronico’s Coming To Closed Nob Hill Store Location

Another Car Auction On The Golf Course

Wine tasting, concerts and a farmers market lining up to plant commerce on the grass instead of whacking balls with clubs.

Another red Ferrari

For the second year in a row, the California Coastal Commission has given Pacific Grove the OK to hold a high end automobile auction on the 18th Hole of the city’s golf course — one of many events that city manager Ben Harvey announced P.G. is planning to pursue at the scenic location.

Another Car Auction On The Golf Course

Fish Prison Borgs Neighboring Building

Getting real close to Doc’s.

810 Cannery Row

On July 13, the aquarium purchased a two-story, oceanfront structure located between its Open Sea exhibit wing and Pacific Biological Laboratories from Frances Yee for $2.4 million.

“The building at 810 Cannery Row was acquired from the family of the late Jack Yee, whose father, Won Yee, was the model for the character of grocer Lee Chong, proprietor of the Wing Chong Market,” Monterey Bay Aquarium spokesman Emerson Brown told The Pine Cone

Fish Prison Borgs Neighboring Building

P.G. Police: Your Feast Of Lanterns Blanket Beach Reservation Means Nothing

I was a family spot saver for the Feast Of Lanterns for many years. On Friday night I would put down a tarp of the ground and then come back at about 11:00 am on Saturday to enjoy the day at the beach. I hated the few saved spots that were only occupied from 7:00 pm to closing. It’s gotten crazier with people saving places earlier in the week.

ufos take beachgoers

We want you to know, and please share with others, that if you place blankets on the beach you do so at your own risk. Be aware the tide might take blankets, other visitors who want to hang out or swim at the beach may move them, and so on.

Our message to staff regarding calls from community members wondering if they may move a blanket to hang out at the beach is, they most certainly can.

P.G. Police: Your Blanket Reservation Means Nothing