Newest TAMC Silliness – Put Buses On Railroad Right Of Way

And who really thought that Measure X was going to improve roads for cars? Better spent on substainable things like slow empty buses and more unused bicycle lanes.

Would it not be easier to use those metal ribbons and come up with some sort wheeled vehicle that could ride people from one end to the other faster and safer than MST buses?

For Monterey County, the study concluded that a “bi-directional” busway along the branch line between Fremont Boulevard and Reservation Road would be the “most cost-effective alternative,” noting that it is supported by TAMC’s Measure X funding (about $15 million designated for bus rapid transit, along with potential grant funding). The project cost is currently estimated at about $33.4 million, according to a TAMC staff report.

Newest TMC Silliness – Put Buses On Railroad Right Of Way

Too Many Chiefs Trying To Solve Traffic Jams On Lighthouse

Common sense solutions go by the wayside as planners think up more ways to win the war on cars.


Are there improvements we can look forward too? Yes there are, but the stakeholders have to come together and agree what’s best for the community of Monterey in this mecca of tourism.

Planners with the City of Monterey have been working on this issue for over 10 years. 9-11 was the beginning of the mega traffic issues after access across the Presidio was cut off. That left Lighthouse Avenue and the Holman Highway as the only funnel points off the peninsula.

Progress is slow on the Lighthouse avenue corridor. Since 2010, planners have been presenting ideas in workshops to make Lighthouse Avenue one way and Foam Street one way in the opposite direction. Planners have also proposed more plans for mass transit, bicycles and pedestrians and down played vehicles.

Too Many Chiefs Trying To Solve Traffic Jams On Lighthouse