Lighthouse Curve Just 6th Place For Traffic Congestion

More tax dollars spent on stoplights to route the tourists and tourist industry workers. Where would we be without tourists?

Narrowing the sidewalks on Lighthouse or making Hawthorne one way to Pvt Bolio were all great ideas, but they are all pro-car and not an option.

Lighthouse Curve

On an average day 54,000 cars come around the Lighthouse curve passing Private Bolio Gate to the Presidio of Monterey. That is more vehicles than travel any given spot on Highway 1, Highway 101, Highway 68, or Highway 156 in Monterey County.

The first step has been adding adaptive traffic signals.

“What this system does is every two and a half minutes it makes decisions based on the traffic that is coming,” Renny said.

The signals also keep a history of traffic so the system can make predictive decisions. A portion of Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey already has the signals but by Summer 2019 the city plans to install the lights stretching from David Avenue and Lighthouse Avenue all the way to English Avenue and Del Monte Avenue.

The money for the project is coming from a grant, neighborhood improvement fund dollars and Measure X.

Lighthouse Curve Just 6th Place For Traffic Congestion

Monterey’s Lighthouse Specific Plan

Outzenville buildings, open space and “art”. No, work on the traffic.

Lighthouse Ave Traffic

“Besides the traffic and parking, the biggest talking point was to look at building heights in that area,” said McCarthy, noting that in the future, three-story buildings would only be allowed under special conditions, could be no higher than 35 feet and would be required to be set back 12 feet from the second story to provide a two-story appearance. The project must also include public open space and pre-approved public art elements.

Monterey’s Lighthouse Specific Plan