Another School Tax To Vote On

This one is said to be for technology upgrades.

Do we not learn from stories about kids hacking school issued iPads and spending learning time watching twerking videos and clicking around on Facebook all day?

Taxpayers in the Pacific Grove Unified School District will be asked in November to pay for the technology — such as tablets for students and teachers — with a $28-million bond strictly designed for such uses. The money would be spent in intervals over time, such as every three to five years. The idea is to create a funding stream to replace worn or obsolete technology as needed.

Pacific Grove has about 2,000 students and would work with a local committee, with representatives from various groups, on how best to spend the money. The school system has various types of computers and would have to determine its technology needs.

28,000,000 divided by three years – 9,333,333. Divided amoungst 2,000 students = $4,666.00 per student.

(L.A. Times)
Another School Tax To Vote On