Charging Deer Refuses Ride

Mad Deer

Buck didn’t want to stay in the car or become venison..

She said the animal “looked angry” as he charged the car and then hit the little Chrysler 200 — “I guess he liked it,” she said — shattered the passenger-side headlight and flew over it, his hooves striking a cooler in the backseat.

After the animal flipped over their heads, Tetreau was convinced he was stuck in the rear seat and thought she could hear him breathing, but by the time she slammed on the brakes and pulled over, the buck had vanished. Or, as the Pacific Grove police officer who took Tetreau’s report had written it, “the deer had fled the scene.”

“He was perfectly fine, which is bizarre to me,” she said. “I was hoping I killed it, because I would have liked to have some deer meat — it’s expensive and it’s healthy for you.”

Charging Deer Refuses Ride