Golf Course Grill Operator Has Debt Forgiven By P.G.

Can we all say ‘money pit’?

In the case of Point Pinos Grill at 77 Asilomar Blvd., which serves Pacific Grove Golf Links, the council voted 5-2 to transfer the city’s lease from operator Chris D’Amelio to Aqua Terra Culinary, a Peninsula-based firm.

A condition laid on the transfer was that Aqua Terra not provide off-site food catering from the grill.

Transfer of the beer and wine license for the premises from D’Amelio to Aqua Terra would be up to the state Alcohol Beverage Control Board, said City Attorney David Laredo.

D’Amelio’s lease was due to expire at the end of this month, but it carries a provision allowing a five-year renewal.

Another condition of the transfer was that the city forgive a debt of $106,142 owed for back rent and penalties. Councilman Bill Kampe defended that as necessary to ensure continuity of operation at the golf clubhouse.

Golf Course Grill Operator Hast Debt Forgiven By P.G.