Mvsevm Purpose: Gain Support For Monument Of Shoreline Rocks

Soon this “monument” will be fenced off from access, just like the sand dunes we used to “picnic” in. All you can do now is crawl into your spirit nest and get poked by twigs.

Closed For Plants

The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History plans to collaborate with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to help build public awareness about the rocks, islands, reefs and marine-life habitats under the stewardship of the California Coastal National Monument.

The goal is to generate support for the monument, which consists of more than 20,000 offshore rocks, small islands and exposed reefs along the 1,100 miles of California coast from San Diego to the Oregon border.

“The role of the museum is one of public education, and our partnership with the bureau is a perfect example of how that can work,” said Lori Mannel, executive director of the museum. “The message we’d like to spread to the public is how to value, preserve, protect and enjoy” the monument.

Mvsevm Purpose: Gain Support For Monument Of Shoreline Rocks

2 thoughts on “Mvsevm Purpose: Gain Support For Monument Of Shoreline Rocks

  1. As long as it’s got something to do with the ocean &/or sustainability, the “new, improved” Mvsevm will jump right in. If it’s got to do with the citizens who pay their enormous stipend each year (the budget projects over $200,000 next year!) they are not interested. It’s time to give that money to the PGPL, where it is really busy, and they care about their patrons.

  2. Could it be the connection between BLM & the Mvsevm comes through Bruce Delgado, who works for BLM & uses the farmers market outside the Mvsevm as a place to campaign for reelection? He serves on the board of Everyone’s Harvest, who runs the farmers market, so that seems a bit screwed up.

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