Monterey Going After Wharf Leaseholders

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Somehow that phrase “proper lease and code enforcement” sounds like turning Fisherman’s Wharf into another fake charm like the ‘Row.

The leases, some of them for 50 years, run too long and don’t bring in rentals at the market rate, said Commissioner Willard “Bill” McCrone. The council should seek to change them, he said.

“The public,” he said, “is not getting a fair shake.”

Wharf businesses aren’t being charged enough to cover utilities and wharf repairs, he said. In many cases, properties leased from the city long ago have been subleased to others at much higher rates, with the original lessor pocketing the difference, he said.

The city owns the buildings on the wharf, McCrone said, and with proper lease and code enforcement, its revenues could double from $1million to $2 million a year.

Monterey Going After Wharf Leaseholders