Earth To Downtown Merchants: X-Mas Is Over!

What’s with all the X-Mas lights staying up all year round?

Holmans Ice Lights

They are everywhere – Holman Building, Victorian Corner, PG Nutrition, PG Plaza, 17th Street Grill, Monte Cafe, etc. While they may communicate some hint of a business being open, THEY LOOK LIKE JUNK AND ARE UNSAFE. You leave those up in the open air and sunlight the insulation will soon crack and expose 110 volts.

Victorian Corner icelights

Orlando shoes icelights

PG nutrition icelights

Monte Cafe Ice Lights

Some may even contribute to the hazards by draping the wires over sharp edges.Wires and sharp metal
Hello PG Fire Department? Building Inspectors? Check it out.

Earth To Downtown Merchants: X-Mas Is Over!