Holman Highway Head On, DUI Suspected

Barry Fahringer, 50, of Monterey was headed west in a Chevy pickup that crossed into an eastbound lane and collided with a car driven by Texas resident Thomas Uiselt and a second car driven by Christina Laufo, 59, of Seaside.

Uiselt, 39, and his wife, Amy, sustained cuts and bruises, while Laufo and her passenger, Naomi Lake, 47, of Marina, received moderate injuries, the CHP reported.

DUI Laws as they should be:
First offense – Drivers’ license suspended for life. Vehicle impounded. Can never own a car or get insurance for life. Fine equal to 2 years wages.
Second offense – enabler that gave drunk a car loses the car. Another fine – same rate PLUS add the same fine to the enabler.
Third offense – 10 years in jail.

Holman Highway Head On, DUI suspected