Great White Shark Population Boom

Great White Shark

Could it be the result of all those tasty otters and sea lions that are also protected?

“White sharks can’t be fished or targeted or taken both by state and federal laws so these regulations give them the opportunity to reproduce and increase in population,” said David Ebert, director for the Pacific Shark Research Center at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.

Great White Shark Population Boom

Clams Got Guns?

Was it self defense? Saw that Amazon offered guns for clams and had a thought…

Three threatened southern sea otters were shot to death and found at Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove in September, according to a release from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

“These baseless killings are nothing short of acts of barbarism,” said Kim Delfino, director of California programs for Defenders of Wildlife. “Moreover, shooting endangered species like the southern sea otter is illegal, and the criminals responsible should be punished to the highest extent of the law.”

Clams Got Guns?

Oh Those Cute Sea Otters!

Two otter stories making the news – first is the otters at the Fish Jail get their own PG Remodel.

Mural Otters

After six long months with no sea otter exhibit, aquarium administrators say the beloved endangered species will return for public view Saturday.

The exhibit is one of the aquarium’s most popular, but after 25 years it started to show its age. Among other issues, the rock platform and stones in the water, which otters like to pick up, had become deteriorated by the saltwater.

Yeah, otters. They are amusing and cute. Until the males try and rape sea lions..

Mural Otters

Trying to find refuge from what appeared to be a sexual assault by a male sea otter, the sea lion hopped aboard a kayak in the Moss Landing Harbor.

Powell said she had gathered a group of kayakers into a “raft” to discuss safety before leading them past a dock where sea lions hang out near the Highway 1 bridge last Saturday morning when she noticed what appeared to be two sea otters mating about 50 feet away. Before she could advise the kayakers to move off, what turned out to be a sea lion broke away and made a dash for the kayaks, the otter in pursuit.

Aquarium Reopens Otter Exhibit

Sea Lion Assaulted By Otters

Add Killer Whales To The List Of Nature’s Cure For Otters

Not the sharks’ fault.

Suprised Sea Otter

A report by government scientists says killer whales are likely driving sea otters to perilously low levels in southwest Alaska.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s recovery plan for sea otters considered a slew of possible reasons for why the animals are in steep decline.

The report says there is only one threat considered to have high importance, and that’s predation by killer whales. Nearly all other factors, including climate change and impacts from humans, were considered to have low importance.

The report says it’s unlikely that attacks by killer whales can be managed in such a way as to help the sea otters recover.

Add Killer Whales To The List Of Nature’s Cure For Otters