Smart Meter Backlash – For All The Wrong Reasons

You’d think the protests would be about loss of privacy, grossly inaccurate readings or detecting that one has an indoor pot garden (this is an article from Santa Cruz), but no. People are imagining ill effects of the RF energy by them. Is it same people that became ill when moth spraying was scheduled, but didn’t happen?

Joshua Hart said he was protesting PG&E’s smart meters after researching the amount of radiation that comes from the devices.

“It’s significantly higher than cell phones. (In) brief periods of time, you have short spikes of intense electromagnetic radiation,” Hart said. PG&E started installing the smart meters in Santa Cruz County in July.

Marilyn Garret said she has a smart meter at her Aptos home.

“It makes me feel quite ill,” Garret said. “My tremors increase and (I have) very painful headaches.”

Smart Meter Backlash – For All The Wrong Reasons