Brewpubs Will Be The New Bistros

Will the landmark sign still remain? Easy directions to Fandango – west on Lighthouse and turn at the maxipad,
Maxipad Sign

Cohen goes on to say that gyms and real estate offices produce no sales tax. How long did it take to notice that? We have art galleries that are open eight hours a week. Clothing boutiques open by appointment. How much tax and foot traffic do they bring in?

Prime retail spots were suddenly snapped up by real estate offices and a physical therapy business, meaning no sales tax revenue for the city, and fewer shops to draw visitors and residents to the neighborhood.

“There’s nothing wrong with these businesses, but the problem is they don’t produce any sales tax,” Cohen says. “They could be put on side streets. They don’t have to take up valuable retail space.”

The Economic Development Commission voted 8-0 in October in favor of limiting how many offices, real estate agencies, medical clinics and gyms could occupy first-floor locations on Lighthouse Avenue. The move is not without precedent: After a spate of thrift shop and consignment store openings a few years ago, the commission and others convinced the City Council to pass an ordinance in 2015 limiting the number to two thrift shops on Lighthouse, and 12 total downtown.

Brewpubs Will Be The New Bistros

Save The Pool Fund Raiser Is A Diner’s Bargain

Kiddie Pool

For $10 for adults and $5 for kids, the community could feast on a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread, salad and a drink. Action News learned the event was a huge success. More than 300 people attended last night’s feed and the city earned more than $4,000 for the Save the Pool Campaign.

Keep it up and some Bistros may have to lower their prices. For the same price as noodles & bread at one local place a family of 2 & 2 can eat..

$8 toast at Joe Rombi
8 dollar toast

$21 for a plate of noodles, not even any meat!
20 Dollar Noodles

Primo – Small Food Portions, Big Whines

The wine bar was a losing business prospect over at the Grove Bistro which stayed open for 9 months.

Can being open four days a week be a success? Will they add live music like the ‘pretending to be a bookstore’ coffee house or ‘pretending to be a home theater store’? The clock starts now.

Don’t forget that Big Wines attract crime.

Primo Open

Primo – Small Food Portions, Big Whines

Bistros A Go Go

Site of the former Shnarleys Pizza. It was overpriced anyway, preyed on tourists I guess.
Grove Bistro

There’s another ‘Bistro’. Must be the latest fad name for tiny restaurant, with a name that implies “Yes, we have alcohol”. People in PG are sometimes still afraid of the old blue laws.

Bistros, Trattorias, Taquerias, Pubs, Sports Bars. Whatever.

Scotch Bistro – er Bakery has scraped the “Scotch Bakery” lettering from the windows, readying the former landmark to disappear for good.
Scotch Bakery

Now the historical signage is gone
Scotch Bakery Gone

Favaloros Bistro

And you know the sun’s settin’ fast,
And just like they say, nothing good ever lasts.
Well, go on now and kiss it goodbye,
But hold on to your lover,
‘Cause your heart’s bound to die.
Go on now and say goodbye to our town, to our town.
Can’t you see the sun’s settin’ down on our town, on our town,

Iris Dement “Our Town”

Bistros A Go Go