Sea Lion Posse Wants Your Tax Dollars

Animal lovers want tax money to protect seals. Liken it to feeding stray cats. Keep protecting them and the population quickly increases, outstripping the food sources and attracting more predators.

Harbormaster with the city of Monterey, Steve Scheiblauer said last spring the number jumped to about 700 and with it came a lot starving juveniles.

“At that time the animals were young and thin very emaciated looking,” Scheiblauer said.

For many it was hard to watch the animals, which can be an annoyance to many boaters and fisherman but are also endearing.

“It’s hard to witness this kind of thing, but you know I have seen a lot of it and this is nature appears to be unfolding,” said Scheiblauer about the event in 2015.

Delong said the population is seeing its first big disturbance in decades thanks to the warm blob which has been pushing food sources farther out to sea.

Sea Lion Posse Wants Your Tax Dollars

NOAA ‘Art’ Might Soon Be Gone


Painted by renowned artist Ray Troll, the artwork, titled “Green Seas, Blue Seas,” tells the story of Monterey Bay’s marine life in striking colors and designs. NOAA has been vacating the building over the last few months because of budget constraints, and the building could end up on the open market.

The murals were created in 2007, with a price tag to taxpayers of $120,000. They show how changing ocean temperatures affect local marine life, depicting gulls, whales, fish, sharks, turtles and more.

With all the fuss over dunes restoration we got this streak of blue to ruin it.NOAA Murals

NOAA ‘Art’ Might Soon Be Gone

NOAA’s Parking Lot Lights Are For Safety?

First time they said safety, robberies and mountain lions will be deterred by them. Now we hear they are for protection against terrorists. What’s really going on in that seemingly innocent fish & weather office?

Lights of pain

There’s another reason NOAA wants the facility illuminated, according to Watson.

“The feds claim that the lighting is needed to protect the station from potential terrorist attack/vandalism,” Watson wrote.

NOAA’s Parking Lot Lights Are For Safety?

NOAA Adds To The Ugly

When I first read the headline in the Pine Cone I thought about the ugly murals that adorn the building – no now they have erected some out of style light poles with solar panels that need to be big enough to work in the fog.

Then they struggle for justification – thefts, mountain lions, they are ‘green’. Just say we are the Fed, your rules do not apply. Is there more than weather and tide information in that building?

Noaa Lights Of Pain

A few months ago somebody cut the fence to the NOAA facility, Schwing said. The new lights, NOAA contends, will not only reduce the danger from human intruders but also the threat of wild animals.

“Predators have moved into our neighborhood,” he explained. “We are hoping this will dissuade mountain lions and coyotes from hanging out. This is a legitimate concern because we have had a number of deer kills on our property mountain lions and coyotes.”

A similar argument from a homeowner would probably be laughed at by coastal commission planners, who also require that property owners not create barriers to wildlife.

NOAA Adds To The Ugly