Turn The NOAA Building Into Another Art Gallery?

Got the money, do it. Just what is most useful another art gallery open 16 hours a week. Just tear it down and plant some butterfly favored fauna. Or maybe a mountain lion preserve.

Noaa Close


While those circumstances might suggest that the group has little chance of competing with deep-pocketed bidders, Greene pointed out that there are very few things a buyer could possibly do with the building and land due to its sensitive location, which is zoned for open space. “Because it falls in the Coastal Zone, it would be hard for anyone to come in there and do any significant development,” he said. Before trying to acquire the building and land, Greene said his group first wants to see if there’s local interest in the project.

Turn The NOAA Building Into Another Art Gallery?

Museum Turned Art Gallery Sued

Need permission for using a famous name, who’d a thought?

The complaint filed in federal court July 6 by Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dali, the Spanish foundation charged with protecting Dali’s copyright and use of his name and work, claims the museum and its owner Dmitry Piterman have “misappropriated his name and likeness to advertise and promote their museum.”

“Defendants have been informed that their conduct is unlawful, but remain undeterred and continue to advertise and provide goods and services infringing on the Foundation’s intellectual property and publicity rights,” the complaint reads. It also states that the unauthorized use of the Dali17 mark, Dali’s name and likeness, and his works for commercial purposes is damaging the foundation and likely confusing to the consuming public.

Museum Turned Art Gallery Sued

Museum Degenerates Into Art Gallery

Maritime Museum

Dream Sign Gone

Sounds familiar, a showcase of history gets re-written. The Chief of the Tidepool Police wanted to turn the P.G. Mvsevum into an art gallery.

Formerly known as the Museum of Monterey, the newly-remodeled museum will now be home to Dali17, a permanent exhibit of 543 Dali works which is said to be the second largest private collection of Dali art in the United States and the first of its kind on the West Coast. It includes original etchings, mixed media, lithographs, sculptures and tapestries of the artist who lived in Monterey off and on for seven years in the 1940s.

Museum Degenerates Into Art Gallery

New Monterey Record Store Moves To P.G.

Will be at 309 Forest Ave, the location of a long string of failed boring art galleries.

Gallery Christine

Add to the list of stupid things Moe says: “Vinyl Revolution will shake up Pacific Grove.”

Gamber will close his Lighthouse Avenue store July 22. He said he had to move because it was difficult for his new landlord, developer Carl Outzen, to get insurance for the dilapidated building.

Gamber acknowledged he will miss out on foot traffic from the Cannery Row area, but hopes to tap into a different dynamic in Pacific Grove.

“Since there’s no record store there,” he said, “I think the people in that area will appreciate it.”

He said he is aiming for another 20 years in Pacific Grove.

New Monterey Record Store Moves To P.G.

Texan’s Kinkade Galleries Closed

Not even a mass market art gallery can sustain.

The former Consuelo’s turned into a gallery.

Building Of Light

when Larson took over, that all changed, according to Dow. He fired the gallery’s employees and “hasn’t answered a phone call, nor has he returned one since the day this deal went through. You CAN quote me on that!” she said.

In addition to the Ocean Avenue shop, the small space next to the Tuck Box on Dolores Street and the “national archive” on Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey were also shuttered, though Dow said Kinkade’s headquarters recently called and expressed interest in reopening the Ocean Avenue location.

Texan’s Kinkade Galleries Closed

One Less Gallery On Forest Avenue. Does Anyone Notice?

A vapid shop rarely open replaced by a vapid shop never opened.

Robert Lewis was excited when January 2008 was the best month for sales at his small art gallery — but then the recession hit quickly.

A month later, sales “were virtually zero,” said Lewis. They haven’t been much better since, so Lewis is closing Le Beau Soleil Gallery in downtown Pacific Grove on Saturday.

Now, Lewis said he will spend about half his time painting and marketing his oils, which start at about $5,000.

Hmmm, $5,000 for one of these and the man wonders why sales are zilch.Art Question Mark

One Less Gallery On Forest Avenue. Does Anyone Notice?

Stupid Art Galleries – Paint A New Sign, Will Ya

While Pacific Grove lays claim to many family-friendly events – the Butterfly Parade, Good Old Days and Feast of Lanterns – when the sun goes down and the grown-ups want to make merry, P.G. is reliably an early-to-bedder.

But on special Friday nights, the tide turns in the town’s favor during the aptly named Wine, Art & Music Walk.

Oh, look! There are FOUR more galleries just up the street, right?
4 art galleries

Lessee, there’s Trott’s for one
Trotters 2

The gallery with “Ol’ One Eye” for two, but it’s not even open..
One Eyed Willie

The one with the scarves and balloons for Three
Welcome To A Vacant Gallery
And that’s it. There is one former gallery or two. I lose count of ex galleries. Stupid artists, go back to Carmel..

Stupid Art Galleries – Paint A New Sign, Will Ya