11 thoughts on “The Long And Winding Road

  1. Sorry to see you give this up. Your comments on local issues have been interesting.

  2. Truth is I have not lived in P.G. since last October. The love is gone, and maintaining it has turned into a chore.

    Anyone see Susan Goldbeck out campaigning for the oak trees at Fort Ord? I told her I want it paved over and oak makes good bbq firewood..

  3. 2 days left…

    Sources for the content – if you visit here actually looking for Pacific Grove news you can get it the same way I did. 90% of the material came from having a Google news alert with “Pacific Grove” in the search.

    Since I didn’t want the content creators to feel plagiarized I hardly ever posted a story the same day they did. You can get it quicker by using google news alerts too. Go to Google.com, enter “Pacific Grove” in the search box, click the ‘news’ link. At the bottom of the results is a link to get news emailed to you every day.

  4. This is very sad news. I have appreciated the site and especially liked that it got picked up by the Weekly’s latest news column. You will be missed!

    your friend,
    Albert Shark

  5. Not only an I sorry to see the site go dark, I am sorry that we have lost a really funny and insightful commentary on our strange little burg. Good luck in your new home, Admin!

  6. One day left!

    The Weakly has an RSS widget on their home page, it picks up new postings and displays the title and a snippet of the posting. Someone at the paper who controls the content on the Weakly homepage chose to include the lighthouseavenue.com feed. Shows that the Weakly has some backbone to include opinion that is often very contrary to their stance.

    More information on RSS -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS

    I need to focus my energies elsewhere for a while, like having to reduce clutter when we move I am putting this and my other websites back into their shells.

    Handy’s forum was where I started – I’ll still be there!

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