$10,000 Goes To Study Of The Obvious

Pacific Grove has a golf course. It’s good.
There, save money and let some ‘consultant’ find another business to scam.

City Director of Management and Budget Jim Becklenberg said the number of rounds played at the course was down 13 percent in 2008, but a 13 percent increase in greens fees and restructuring of the golf course’s discount card system brought revenues up to the previous year’s level.

“Marketing is needed,” he said, “to boost (golf) rounds.”

The city will budget $10,000 to hire a professional golf marketing consultant, Frutchey said, and the committee members will be volunteers.

$10,000 Goes To Study Of The Obvious

Election 2009

Vote 2009

Two No On J Votes

Another tax request, again for city services. I cannot support this or any other begging from the city until they show that they can manage what they have already.

Need a start?
– End all city supported funding of the ineffective Chamber Of Commerce.
– Cut all ties with “ICLEI”, the Local Governments for Sustainability.
Think that this added tax will benefit the library only? Wrong. The city will be able to draw money away from the library to fund other things. Say forinstance, sustainable seagull repellent for the roof of city hall.

Monterey Hear-Old, 8/25

“It is a way to set the library up with a base outside of the city’s general fund,” Becklenberg said.

Passage of the measure, he said, could secure the future of the library and provide general fund savings of approximately $400,000 toward the $2 million city budget deficit, since Measure J funding would allow the city to use its regular library budget for other purposes until the budget can be balanced.