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Two No On J Votes

Another tax request, again for city services. I cannot support this or any other begging from the city until they show that they can manage what they have already.

Need a start?
– End all city supported funding of the ineffective Chamber Of Commerce.
– Cut all ties with “ICLEI”, the Local Governments for Sustainability.
Think that this added tax will benefit the library only? Wrong. The city will be able to draw money away from the library to fund other things. Say forinstance, sustainable seagull repellent for the roof of city hall.

Monterey Hear-Old, 8/25

“It is a way to set the library up with a base outside of the city’s general fund,” Becklenberg said.

Passage of the measure, he said, could secure the future of the library and provide general fund savings of approximately $400,000 toward the $2 million city budget deficit, since Measure J funding would allow the city to use its regular library budget for other purposes until the budget can be balanced.

4 thoughts on “Election 2009

  1. It’s supposed to be an earmarked thing, for PG Library only. But we know that if they approve it the money the city already spends on PG Library is going to city staff salaries. I thought that 1% we already are paying was for PG Library, but 80% of it went to city employee salaries.

  2. Let’s see . . . On October 21st, the City Council will vote on a Resolution proposed by the Pacific Grove Public Library Advisory Board that would confirm that city funds (outside of any potential Measure J funds) will still be committed to the Pacific Grove Public Library, and that the City Council has the goal of funding the library fully (to at least the level of 40 hours per week). Interested? Go to the City Council Meeting on 10/21. Check out the agenda online to see the text of the proposed resolution.

  3. Approval of it would just give owners another reason to raise your rent. Even someone at PG library said that it wouldn’t change hours that much & they might be able to be open one more day a week but that’s it.

  4. Handy–
    From your comment it seems as if you might be confusing Measure J with the City’s recent Resolution. Measure J, the parcel tax, is for the voters to decide. The Resolution in support of the Library was before City Council last night. It passed, thereby confirming that the city plans to continue to fund the library, regardless of Measure J.

    But with regards to Measure J, you seem to be missing the point. Current funding for the library (from the City General Fund) is around $450k. Measure J funds would be approximately $630k. We don’t know yet what the total budget could be, but the important thing to remember is that if measure J doesn’t pass, the library will almost certainly close. With local and greater California state budget crises, the city can’t continue to fund it even at its current low rate . . . That’s why Measure J is a critically important part of the plan (which also includes continued fundraising and the recently re-confirmed commitment of city funds) to keep the library open. Please check out the Resolution (available online at the City Website, attached to last night’s agenda) and the information on Measure J available in the voter’s packet or at yesonpgj.com

    The issue is too important to the city of PG to be misinformed about it.

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