Crow Dead, Charges Dropped

Now can they go after the accomplices?

Crow’s jail-cell suicide early Saturday put the brakes on what promised to be a high-profile trial of the Prunedale man, who was charged with homicide in the death of his wife, Ryann Bunnell Crow.

Authorities believe the 33-year-old strangled his wife, shot her and beat her with a hammer. He then engaged in a frantic two-day journey to dispose of her body. Crow was arrested and charged with the homicide before his wife’s remains were discovered on the shore near Hayward in May.

Crow Dead, Charges Dropped

Sheriff: “Jails Are A Dangerous Place To Be”

So do your best to stay out of them.

“Jails and prisons by their very nature are violent institutions and I’ve always said we need a new jail and more deputies,” the sheriff said. “We’re no different than any jail around the state. We all share the problem of overcrowding.”

However, he said, “Nothing could have stopped what Jesse Crow did. He was very determined and it was very well thought out.”

Sheriff’s Cmdr. Mike Richards confirmed Monday that Crow used parts of his bed sheet to hang himself. He used the same sheets to tie his cell door closed to delay deputies who found him hanging. He waited until the early morning hours, when other inmates were sleeping, and hanged himself after a bed check.

Sheriff: “Jails Are A Dangerous Place To Be”

Jesse Crow Suicide Note – Compassion???

Loser asks for compassion for the inmates? No compassion for the woman he killed or witnesses that feared for their lives? One witness is from P.G. Now that murder charges are dropped, can the D.A. go after the accomplices turned “witnesses”?

Jesse Crow Note

From the house, Crow drove his wife to a remote area north of Marina, off Highway 1 and the Del Monte Boulevard exit, where he strangled her, shot her in the head with a 9 mm handgun and smashed her skull with a hammer.

He loaded her body into the bed of his truck, and called his girlfriend Summer Donovan in Pacific Grove, asking her to meet him at the exit. She did, then followed him to his parents’ home on Langley Canyon Road in Prunedale. On the way, Crow called his girlfriend to ask if any blood was leaking from the truck bed because he thought he had killed someone.

Back in Fremont, Crow dismembered his wife’s body, stuffed her in the trash can and filled it with cement. Then, he and his girlfriend prepared to flee. They had their passports and were heading south, but Donovan was worried that Crow’s associates would report them or seek revenge.

Jesse Crow Suicide Note – Compassion???

Murder Suspect Jesse Crow Dies In Jail

Allegedly under his own power. Grew medical marijuana, a peaceful, kinder medicine, right?

Jesse Crow

The Monterey County District Attorney is set to hold a press conference Monday to discuss some details in the case against Jesse John Crow, who was found dead early Saturday morning – hanging in his jail cell from a makeshift rope.

Crow also faced charges of using a firearm to commit a crime, being a felon in possession of a firearm, cultivating marijuana, attempted solicitation to commit a crime, and possession and transportation or sale of marijuana.

Murder Suspect Jesse Crow Dies In Jail

Ryann Crow’s Remains Found, Murder Suspect In Jail

Jesse Crow was picked up in Pacific Grove, been in custody ever since.

Jesse Crow Cries

Authorities have announced that the human remains found in late May in Alameda County are those of Ryann Bunnell Crow, a missing Salinas woman.

The 23-year-old disappeared in late January and her family reported her missing Feb. 2 after she missed two days of work and a family party.

Her husband, Jesse Crow, was arrested Feb. 16 and is charged with killing her. He remains in County Jail.

Ryann Crow’s Remains Found, Murder Suspect In Jail

Jesse Crow – Murder Suspect, Medical Marijuana Card Holder

and son of a medical marijuana dispensary owner/manager. Crow was picked up in P.G.

Jesse Crow

The first search warrant served on this peaceful medicine user is at KSBW.

When police arrived, Ryan’s family had blocked Jesse’s truck in the driveway and told police they believed Jesse had a history of abusing Ryan — abuse that had gone unreported — and they suggested Jesse had a drug operation because he didn’t have a job, but he seemed to have plenty of money.

The warrant also calls attention to Crow’s father — a physician — confirming that Dr. Crow runs a medical marijuana dispensary. The warrant said it operates out of Soledad.

Jesse Crow – Murder Suspect, Medical Marijuana Card Holder

Loser Trifecta – Jesse Crow In Jail After P.G. Traffic Stop

Arrested for growing pot
Arrested for murder of wife
Traffic violation in Pacific Grove

Jesse Crow

KSBW reports that Jesse Crow was arrested in a traffic stop in P.G. He’d been seeing Summer Donovan of P.G. He carries a medical marijuana card – a response given when popped for growing over 300 pot plants in a house in Prunetucky.

Crow’s first husband, Cody May, revealed new details to Central Coast News about the days leading up to his ex-wife’s disappearance. “She said she was trying to sever the ties,” explained May when questioned about the last time he spoke to Crow.

May said he spoke to her about a month ago. She told him she was going through a messy split with her husband Jesse Crow. “She had left him and was calling me again because every time she was with him I wouldn’t get a call, and when she wasn’t with him I would,” he added.

Jesse Crow has avoided all organized searches for his wife, as well as the media spotlight. Police, however, said he is cooperating with investigators.

Loser Trifecta – Jesse Crow In Jail After P.G. Traffic Stop

New Monterey Police Blotter – October 2006

10/1/06 HARRINGTON, BRIAN was stopped for speeding at Foam and Cannery Row. He was found to be in possession of marijuana and no insurance.

10/1/06 A parked 2003 Ford Explorer was struck by a yellow 2002 Nissan pickup while parked in front of 501 Lighthouse, Monterey. Nissan fled scene being driven by an older white female adult with blond hair.

10/2/06 Citizen in the 500 block of Belden reports burglary to a storage closet in the carport.

10/3/06 City of Monterey reports someone to have spray painted the words “SMOKE”and “RIP MAKEKIA” on the building of Hilltop Park.

10/4/06 VELASQUEZ, ELIAS was arrested for public intoxication in front of the Bulldog Pub, 611 Lighthouse. POLD Bulldog Pub.

10/4/06 Resident 400 block of Hawthorne, reports unknown to have entered his attached garage and stolen the wheels and tires off of his vehicle

10/4/06 Victim reported an unknown to have stolen her wallet at Long’s on Lighthouse.

10/5/06 ELMACHTOUB, SAMIR was arrested for public intoxication in the 600 block of Lighthouse.

10/6/06 STOHAN’S GALLERY, 484 Cannery Row, had unknown spray paint graffiti on their building.

10/7/06 JAIME, TERESA was arrested for D.U.I. The passenger, BENEDETTI,ROBERT was arrested for public intoxication. Vehicle parked at scene. POLD: Sly McFly’s

10/8/06 Victim was battered by an unknown Asian male adult wearing black clothing at the Bulldog.

10/9/06 ROBINSON, TARA was cited for having a vicious dog without a muzzle and drinking in public at 200 Prescott. CULLERS, JOSEPH was also cited for drinking in public at the same location.

10/9/06 A sofa was dumped at the City of Monterey park located at Cypress and Hoffman.

10/10/06 Citizen 400 block of Hawthorne St. reported that her Hyundai Elantra had been broken into sometime between 10-9-06 / 2200 hours and 10-10-06 / 0930 hours.

10/11/06 Theft of office equipment valued at $ 2550 from 498 Foam #1 between 10-6-06 at 1200 and 10-11-06 at 1130 hours. Taken was a HP 3380 fax/printer, a Panasonic 4 line cordless phone base and a PCI Tec computer tower.

10/11/06 TOVEY, CHRISTOPHER was arrested for public intoxication.

10/12/06 ALEXANDRIA WHITE was arrested for possession of a controlled substance at Lighthouse and Hoffman.

10/13/06 Victim 500 block of Irving reports unknown to have come onto the property at above and left trash over an approximate one month period.

10/14/06 JARSCHKE, MELISSA was arrested for DUI at Private Bolio and Lighthouse at 0235 hours. POLD: Lighthouse Bar and Grill.

10/14/06 Victim 800 block of Laine reports burglary to his garage.

10/14/06 Male juvenile reports being robbed by another male juvenile in the 300 block of David Ave.

10/14/06 GLAZE III, ROBERT LEONARD was arrested for DUI on a bicycle at Prescott and Cannery Row.

10/14/06 SCHOONOVER, LISA was placed under citizens arrest for DUI and being an unlicensed driver at the 700 block of Cannery Row.

10/15/06 DE VILLA III, DOMINADOR MONEDA involved in traffic accident at Wave and Hoffman. De Villa subsequently arrested for DUI.

10/18/06 MCSO was aided in the arrest of POTTS, WILLIAM on a $7,500 misdemeanor warrant at Lighthouse and Reeside.

10/18/06 POTTS, WILLIAM was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, narcotic paraphernalia, and burglary tools, at Lighthouse and Reeside.

10/18/06 HODGES RENTAL 456 Lighthouse and VICTORIAN INN 487 Foam had graffiti between 2000 hours on 10-17-06 and 0800 hours on 10-18-06.

10/18/06 RHODE, ERIC ALAN was arrested at Reeside and Lighthouse for driving on a suspended license. RHODES’ vehicle was towed/stored by California Towing.

10/18/06 MCSO was aided in the arrest of RHODES, ERIC ALAN on three separate misdemeanor warrants totaling $17,500.

10/19/06 Citizen 700 block Archer reports theft of $1200 cash from a garage sale.

10/19/06 MPD towed a Blue 79 Chev Pick up from Belden at Hoffman for having registration expired over 6 mos. Vehicle also found to be displaying false registration tabs.

10/21/06 Citizen reports unknown to have broken three windows and “Tagged” his residence in the 400 block of Wave sometime between Tuesday, 10/17/06 1700 hrs and Saturday, 10/21/06 1530 hrs.

10/22/06 GRANT, SUSAN was arrested for public intoxication behind 650 Lighthouse. POLD: Segovia’s.

10/22/06 Victim reports theft of a gray jacket, black leather handbag, and a small black leather case containing approximately 8 Mount Blanc Fountain Pens from his room in the 400 block Cannery Row.

10/25/06 HART, DEBORAH ANN was arrested for DUI and also charged with driving on a suspended license and driving without insurance at Fisherman’s Wharf. POLD: Sly McFly’s.

10/25/06 Vehicle burglary report in the parking garage at Foam and Prescott.

10/26/06 STEVENS, DAVID was arrest for public intoxication at 444 Cannery Row.

10/26/06 LEDFORD, CARL HAYDEN was arrested on Prescott near Foam for Public Intoxication.

10/26/06 CROW, JESSE JOHN was arrested for DUI following a reported road rage incident involving CROW in the 900 block of Lighthouse.

10/30/06 Citizen 800 block of Terry reports unknown to have cut the top to her convertible vehicle.

10/30/06 Citizen, 1200 block Irving, Monterey, reports unknown to have entered her locked vehicle and smash the front windshield.

10/30/06 Citizen reports unknown to have keyed his vehicle in the 800 block of Wave.

10/31/06 Citizen 700 block of Hawthorne St reports having his vehicle shot with paint balls at Del Monte and Highway 1. Arrested as responsible GRONSUND, ANDERS and a male juvenile.

New Monterey Police Blotter – October 2006