Jesse Crow Suicide Note – Compassion???

Loser asks for compassion for the inmates? No compassion for the woman he killed or witnesses that feared for their lives? One witness is from P.G. Now that murder charges are dropped, can the D.A. go after the accomplices turned “witnesses”?

Jesse Crow Note

From the house, Crow drove his wife to a remote area north of Marina, off Highway 1 and the Del Monte Boulevard exit, where he strangled her, shot her in the head with a 9 mm handgun and smashed her skull with a hammer.

He loaded her body into the bed of his truck, and called his girlfriend Summer Donovan in Pacific Grove, asking her to meet him at the exit. She did, then followed him to his parents’ home on Langley Canyon Road in Prunedale. On the way, Crow called his girlfriend to ask if any blood was leaking from the truck bed because he thought he had killed someone.

Back in Fremont, Crow dismembered his wife’s body, stuffed her in the trash can and filled it with cement. Then, he and his girlfriend prepared to flee. They had their passports and were heading south, but Donovan was worried that Crow’s associates would report them or seek revenge.

Jesse Crow Suicide Note – Compassion???