Murder Suspect Jesse Crow Dies In Jail

Allegedly under his own power. Grew medical marijuana, a peaceful, kinder medicine, right?

Jesse Crow

The Monterey County District Attorney is set to hold a press conference Monday to discuss some details in the case against Jesse John Crow, who was found dead early Saturday morning – hanging in his jail cell from a makeshift rope.

Crow also faced charges of using a firearm to commit a crime, being a felon in possession of a firearm, cultivating marijuana, attempted solicitation to commit a crime, and possession and transportation or sale of marijuana.

Murder Suspect Jesse Crow Dies In Jail

2 thoughts on “Murder Suspect Jesse Crow Dies In Jail

  1. wow, what the hell does him growing marijuana have ANYTHING to do with him killing his wife and himself?

  2. Stealing power, growing 300 plants, and threatening witnesses are certainly indicative of moral turpitude. I guess those cell walls didn’t look good, karma’s a bitch. Oh well, this save the justice system some bucks.

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