New Monterey Police Blotter – October 2006

10/1/06 HARRINGTON, BRIAN was stopped for speeding at Foam and Cannery Row. He was found to be in possession of marijuana and no insurance.

10/1/06 A parked 2003 Ford Explorer was struck by a yellow 2002 Nissan pickup while parked in front of 501 Lighthouse, Monterey. Nissan fled scene being driven by an older white female adult with blond hair.

10/2/06 Citizen in the 500 block of Belden reports burglary to a storage closet in the carport.

10/3/06 City of Monterey reports someone to have spray painted the words “SMOKE”and “RIP MAKEKIA” on the building of Hilltop Park.

10/4/06 VELASQUEZ, ELIAS was arrested for public intoxication in front of the Bulldog Pub, 611 Lighthouse. POLD Bulldog Pub.

10/4/06 Resident 400 block of Hawthorne, reports unknown to have entered his attached garage and stolen the wheels and tires off of his vehicle

10/4/06 Victim reported an unknown to have stolen her wallet at Long’s on Lighthouse.

10/5/06 ELMACHTOUB, SAMIR was arrested for public intoxication in the 600 block of Lighthouse.

10/6/06 STOHAN’S GALLERY, 484 Cannery Row, had unknown spray paint graffiti on their building.

10/7/06 JAIME, TERESA was arrested for D.U.I. The passenger, BENEDETTI,ROBERT was arrested for public intoxication. Vehicle parked at scene. POLD: Sly McFly’s

10/8/06 Victim was battered by an unknown Asian male adult wearing black clothing at the Bulldog.

10/9/06 ROBINSON, TARA was cited for having a vicious dog without a muzzle and drinking in public at 200 Prescott. CULLERS, JOSEPH was also cited for drinking in public at the same location.

10/9/06 A sofa was dumped at the City of Monterey park located at Cypress and Hoffman.

10/10/06 Citizen 400 block of Hawthorne St. reported that her Hyundai Elantra had been broken into sometime between 10-9-06 / 2200 hours and 10-10-06 / 0930 hours.

10/11/06 Theft of office equipment valued at $ 2550 from 498 Foam #1 between 10-6-06 at 1200 and 10-11-06 at 1130 hours. Taken was a HP 3380 fax/printer, a Panasonic 4 line cordless phone base and a PCI Tec computer tower.

10/11/06 TOVEY, CHRISTOPHER was arrested for public intoxication.

10/12/06 ALEXANDRIA WHITE was arrested for possession of a controlled substance at Lighthouse and Hoffman.

10/13/06 Victim 500 block of Irving reports unknown to have come onto the property at above and left trash over an approximate one month period.

10/14/06 JARSCHKE, MELISSA was arrested for DUI at Private Bolio and Lighthouse at 0235 hours. POLD: Lighthouse Bar and Grill.

10/14/06 Victim 800 block of Laine reports burglary to his garage.

10/14/06 Male juvenile reports being robbed by another male juvenile in the 300 block of David Ave.

10/14/06 GLAZE III, ROBERT LEONARD was arrested for DUI on a bicycle at Prescott and Cannery Row.

10/14/06 SCHOONOVER, LISA was placed under citizens arrest for DUI and being an unlicensed driver at the 700 block of Cannery Row.

10/15/06 DE VILLA III, DOMINADOR MONEDA involved in traffic accident at Wave and Hoffman. De Villa subsequently arrested for DUI.

10/18/06 MCSO was aided in the arrest of POTTS, WILLIAM on a $7,500 misdemeanor warrant at Lighthouse and Reeside.

10/18/06 POTTS, WILLIAM was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, narcotic paraphernalia, and burglary tools, at Lighthouse and Reeside.

10/18/06 HODGES RENTAL 456 Lighthouse and VICTORIAN INN 487 Foam had graffiti between 2000 hours on 10-17-06 and 0800 hours on 10-18-06.

10/18/06 RHODE, ERIC ALAN was arrested at Reeside and Lighthouse for driving on a suspended license. RHODES’ vehicle was towed/stored by California Towing.

10/18/06 MCSO was aided in the arrest of RHODES, ERIC ALAN on three separate misdemeanor warrants totaling $17,500.

10/19/06 Citizen 700 block Archer reports theft of $1200 cash from a garage sale.

10/19/06 MPD towed a Blue 79 Chev Pick up from Belden at Hoffman for having registration expired over 6 mos. Vehicle also found to be displaying false registration tabs.

10/21/06 Citizen reports unknown to have broken three windows and “Tagged” his residence in the 400 block of Wave sometime between Tuesday, 10/17/06 1700 hrs and Saturday, 10/21/06 1530 hrs.

10/22/06 GRANT, SUSAN was arrested for public intoxication behind 650 Lighthouse. POLD: Segovia’s.

10/22/06 Victim reports theft of a gray jacket, black leather handbag, and a small black leather case containing approximately 8 Mount Blanc Fountain Pens from his room in the 400 block Cannery Row.

10/25/06 HART, DEBORAH ANN was arrested for DUI and also charged with driving on a suspended license and driving without insurance at Fisherman’s Wharf. POLD: Sly McFly’s.

10/25/06 Vehicle burglary report in the parking garage at Foam and Prescott.

10/26/06 STEVENS, DAVID was arrest for public intoxication at 444 Cannery Row.

10/26/06 LEDFORD, CARL HAYDEN was arrested on Prescott near Foam for Public Intoxication.

10/26/06 CROW, JESSE JOHN was arrested for DUI following a reported road rage incident involving CROW in the 900 block of Lighthouse.

10/30/06 Citizen 800 block of Terry reports unknown to have cut the top to her convertible vehicle.

10/30/06 Citizen, 1200 block Irving, Monterey, reports unknown to have entered her locked vehicle and smash the front windshield.

10/30/06 Citizen reports unknown to have keyed his vehicle in the 800 block of Wave.

10/31/06 Citizen 700 block of Hawthorne St reports having his vehicle shot with paint balls at Del Monte and Highway 1. Arrested as responsible GRONSUND, ANDERS and a male juvenile.

New Monterey Police Blotter – October 2006