Hazaras Carpets Cares Not For Pacific Grove

Parked on the Avenue
Hazaras Parked On LHA 100424

Parked up the street
Hazaras Parked Up The Street

Parked on the corner
Hazaras Parked On The Corner

Parked on Forest – in the 20 minute zone
Hazaras Parked In 20min
Revisiting an old theme, businesses that take up all the parking on Lighthouse Avenue. This week I had a chance to speak with one of the business people, here’s how it went:

Me, on my Saturday visit downtown to go to the bank and walk from there down to the post office. I’m at Forest and Lighthouse, waiting to turn right and park someplace. I see this short guy get into the brown Hazara Designer Collection van that is parked on Forest avenue and start it up. He’s squeezing between my car and the sidewalk to ALSO turn right. He stops, I turn and begin a parking space search. Nothing on the south side, I go down to 15th and hang a U-turn. I park on the north side in the 400 block.

At the same time the short guy is getting out of the brown rug van, now parked on Lighthouse in front of the store of the same name. What the heck, I want to see if he has an answer for me. I walk up and ask why he parks his van here and not in the lot around the block? He shrugs. Shouldn’t you leave the parking spaces available for people that come to town to shop instead of moving your van back and forth in 90 minute spaces all day? “No, what’s it matter to you?” he says. It matters to me that I might be a business owner that has customers complaining about hard to find parking spaces. It matters to me that I myself am looking for a place to park for 30 minutes and seeing your rug cleaner van taking up spaces is a poor practice. Told him I’ll never shop at his store or recommend it. He says he does not need my business or any of my friends business.

Hear that? Does not need our business. Hope he gets fleas in his rug.

Hazaras Carpets Cares Not For Pacific Grove

Parking Time Limits Lowered – Bulletin Opposes

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The City Council unanimously rejected installation of parking meters on Central Avenue; but not before laying the groundwork for what may be future problems including more budget challenges.

As an alternative to the lost meter revenue, Councilperson Scott Miller suggested changing the parking sign time limit from two hours to ninety minutes, saying “our parking enforcement guy made a killing down there. He would write 64 tickets a day and many of them from there” (Scott Miller was speaking as to the time he was Chief of Police). Wasn’t the two hour limit for parking on Central Avenue imposed to allow ample time for people to have a meal and do some leisurely shopping without fear of citation?

That was the intention of the two hour limits – however it looks like businesses take up a majority of two hour spots, leaving a precious few for those “leisurely shoppers”

Parking Favaloro Truck
Parking Victorian Corner Chevy 080501 Parking Victorian Corner Ho

Parking Oh Flowers Van 1
Parking Favaloro Suburban

Parking Grand Ave Art Works
Parking Hazara (2)

Parking Comptuer Help


Parking Favaloro Mits

Parking Time Limits Lowered – Bulletin Opposes

Business Group Requests Unlimited Parking

Minutes of the Traffic Commission – November 14, 2006

One of the concerns was that employees would take advantage of the no enforcement policy and park their vehicles in front of the establishments where they are employed.
Commission encourages the BID group to . . come back to us next July or August with a plan to implement the extended parking for shoppers and indicate they are going to control employee parking.

Nothing new here – there appears to be little or no enforcement of the 2 hour limits already. Numerous commercial vehicles and personal cars from store owners and workers park all day with no need to move.

Hazaras parks it’s van around Lighthouse and Forest all day.

Parking Hazara-20min

Victorian Corner workers take up so many parking places and the loading zone all day . . .

Parking Victorian Corner Cars

That delivery trucks cannot even use the “loading zone” set aside for the purpose and spill over to red zones and crosswalks

Crosswalk Awareness Month Vc2Victorian Corner Corner
Business Group Requests Unlimited Parking