Parking Time Limits Lowered – Bulletin Opposes

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The City Council unanimously rejected installation of parking meters on Central Avenue; but not before laying the groundwork for what may be future problems including more budget challenges.

As an alternative to the lost meter revenue, Councilperson Scott Miller suggested changing the parking sign time limit from two hours to ninety minutes, saying “our parking enforcement guy made a killing down there. He would write 64 tickets a day and many of them from there” (Scott Miller was speaking as to the time he was Chief of Police). Wasn’t the two hour limit for parking on Central Avenue imposed to allow ample time for people to have a meal and do some leisurely shopping without fear of citation?

That was the intention of the two hour limits – however it looks like businesses take up a majority of two hour spots, leaving a precious few for those “leisurely shoppers”

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Parking Time Limits Lowered – Bulletin Opposes

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  1. how long were those cars parked in those spots? Where they there for more than two hours? Was that your intent to point out that these cars where there for more than two hours? If so what is your proof? Or are you saying that business people who otherwise follow parking laws shouldn’t be able to park in front of their business. What were the cars doing there were they just loading/unloading then moved. There is very little context here and the weblog is confusing i’m not sure what you are saying here

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