Business Group Requests Unlimited Parking

Minutes of the Traffic Commission – November 14, 2006

One of the concerns was that employees would take advantage of the no enforcement policy and park their vehicles in front of the establishments where they are employed.
Commission encourages the BID group to . . come back to us next July or August with a plan to implement the extended parking for shoppers and indicate they are going to control employee parking.

Nothing new here – there appears to be little or no enforcement of the 2 hour limits already. Numerous commercial vehicles and personal cars from store owners and workers park all day with no need to move.

Hazaras parks it’s van around Lighthouse and Forest all day.

Parking Hazara-20min

Victorian Corner workers take up so many parking places and the loading zone all day . . .

Parking Victorian Corner Cars

That delivery trucks cannot even use the “loading zone” set aside for the purpose and spill over to red zones and crosswalks

Crosswalk Awareness Month Vc2Victorian Corner Corner
Business Group Requests Unlimited Parking