East Bound And A Pole's Down

Semi carrying cars to an event made the wrong turn there, 10-4

A big rig car carrier was making the turn at Lighthouse Ave. and Eardley Ave. in Pacific Grove when it struck a power pole. There was no damage to the truck, but there was significant damage to the base of the power pole which was leaning precariously over the street.

East Bound And A Pole’s Down

Bad Day For Radiator Repairmen

And people stuck behind a VW. But good day to sell fire extinguishers.

Too Slow VW Bus

Some 130 air-cooled Volkswagens that left the U.S.-Canada border on Friday for a 1,500-mile, border-to-border cruise rolled into Pacific Grove on Wednesday afternoon, turning heads and bringing back memories.

It was the Pacific Grove VW Show & Shine, a stop on the Treffen 17 VW Cruise and Car Show started by Scott Dempster, CEO of Airhead Parts in Ventura, a supplier of stock, air-cooled VW restoration parts.

Bad Day For Radiator Repairmen