Consuelo’s “Greene Mansion” Sold

After the losing art gallery closed. Out of towner playing with his phone buys it.

Building Of Light

Mike Mollica, a 45-year old bio-tech professional based out of San Diego has purchased the historic property for close to the asking price of $999,000. Mollica, who has former ties to the Peninsula as one of the first 500 students to ever attend CSU Monterey Bay, plans to live in the upstairs portion of the mansion and rent the downstairs out for special private affairs.

“I was satisfied I could turn this place into a home for myself but also use the downstairs and have rooms themed for events too,” explained Mollica, who said the timing involved in buying the stately manor was serendipitous. Mollica had recently been thinking about re-locating to Monterey when he was scrolling on his smart phone and saw the story in the Herald about it being on the market.

Consuelo’s “Greene Mansion” Sold

Greene Mansion For Sale Again

Price is just $999,000 Which is 000,666 upside down. Something to think about considering it’s previous owner.

361 Lighthouse Kinkade

While his large ornate manor has taken on various different identities in the past – from a Mexican restaurant to an art gallery – its most recent incarnation was as a retail operation featuring luxury goods and antique consignment.

In November 2016 the mansion’s latest owner Jill Gifford purchased the property for $1.1 million. Then in December of 2017, Gifford, 47, along with her companion Benjamin Childs were found shot to death inside her Mesa, Arizona home. Gifford’s ex-husband, Bruce Gifford, was also found dead from a gunshot wound. Local news at the time reported it was being investigated as a murder-suicide.

Greene Mansion For Sale Again

Consuelo’s Restaurant Bugatti Replica Up For Sale

Back before the light painter was at 361 lighthouse there was Consuelo’s, The car was the restaurant’s rolling advertisement.

Consuelos Bugatti For Sale2
Consuelos Bugatti For Sale3
Consuelos Bugatti For Sale1

History of the Vehicle: ‘Consuelo’s’ and ‘361 Lighthouse’ are painted on both sides of the vehicle. This is an address in Monterey, California that used to be Consuelo’s Mexican Restaurant. It was in a historic building called ‘The Green Building’ which is named after Harry Green.

Consuelo’s Restaurant Bugatti Up For Sale