P.G. Police: Your Feast Of Lanterns Blanket Beach Reservation Means Nothing

I was a family spot saver for the Feast Of Lanterns for many years. On Friday night I would put down a tarp of the ground and then come back at about 11:00 am on Saturday to enjoy the day at the beach. I hated the few saved spots that were only occupied from 7:00 pm to closing. It’s gotten crazier with people saving places earlier in the week.

ufos take beachgoers

We want you to know, and please share with others, that if you place blankets on the beach you do so at your own risk. Be aware the tide might take blankets, other visitors who want to hang out or swim at the beach may move them, and so on.

Our message to staff regarding calls from community members wondering if they may move a blanket to hang out at the beach is, they most certainly can.

P.G. Police: Your Blanket Reservation Means Nothing

Every Election Needs A Politically Correct Candidate

Not This Pc Again

Seeking to bring diversity to the face of the city council, an emphasis on more green initiatives and policies that foster affordability for renters and buyers, Dionne Ybarra has announced her candidacy for mayor of Pacific Grove.

The candidate said her Mexican-American heritage represents one of many diverse groups that have come to live in P.G. from all over the world bringing different cultures, languages, and perspectives.

Every Election Needs A Politically Correct Candidate

Vacation Homeowner* Bill Peak Running For Mayor

A newcomer running against a status quo new comer. Doomed.

Vote Machine

Peake will face fellow Councilman Rudy Fischer, who has served on the council since 2010. Last month Fischer officially tossed his hat in the ring for November’s mayoral race. Fischer said he wanted to continue the council’s current policies and direction including improvements to the city’s infrastructure and noted the importance of upcoming roadway renovation

*From Coast Weakly October 9, 2014:

We recommend adding Bill Peake to the council. A newcomer to both the city and its political landscape, Peake is a retired Chevron engineer who bought a house in the city 25 years ago, but only moved in full time four years ago.

Vacation Homeowner Bill Peak Running For Mayor

Help Wanted: Firefighters

Union thought process – pick us or there may be lay offs. But no P.G. firefighters were laid off when their jobs were given to Monterey.

Neal Hurd, president of the Monterey Firefighters Association, said all of the Pacific Grove firefighters joined the Monterey Fire Department at the time of the merger.

Hurd said if Pacific Grove chooses to go with another agency to provide fire service, it could mean up to 12 positions would be eliminated leading to layoffs.

Help Wanted: Firefighters

Nader’s Next Hotel Plan Debated


Agha's Huge Holman Hotel

“The design has a contextual problem – context meaning the design within the realm you’re placing the building,” said Mark Brodeur, director of community and economic development, noting that the nearby Holman Building, museum and library each have a certain design. “They believe the Victorian architectural of the proposal didn’t fit within its context.”

Nader’s Next Hotel Plan Debated

P.G. Man Joseph Klotz Gets 22 to Life In Corcoran

Cyber-bullying and stalking.


According to testimony during Klotz’ trial earlier this year, he terrified the two women and organized an attack on one of them that left her face scarred and partially paralyzed. Prosecutor Danielle VanDamme tried the case, and in February, the jury convicted him of aggravated mayhem, criminal threats and stalking.

P.G. Man Joseph Klotz Gets 22 to Life In Corcoran

City Leaders Sued For Leading City On STRs

Out of town owners of houses turned into motels cry over resident’s wishes to remain residents.

Now represented by attorneys Timothy Sandefur, Christina Sandefur and Matthew R. Miller of the Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute, the couples’ suit names Mayor Bill Kampe and council members Robert Huitt, Ken Cuneo, Rudy Fischer, Cynthia Garfield, Bill Peake and Nick Smith as plaintiffs.

When this latest suit was filed in the Monterey Superior Court last week, of note was the page dedicated to it on the Goldwater Institute’s website, addressing how “home-sharing” has long been a way of life in Pacific Grove.

But P.G. resident and member of Pacific Grove Neighbors United Luke Coletti pointed to the distinction behind home-sharing and short-term rentals.

“Despite what the Goldwater Institute is claiming, the plaintiffs are not involved in Home Sharing,” said Coletti. “Instead, they operate an un-hosted whole-house short-term vacation rental (mini-motel). The lawsuit errs in conflating the two.”

City Leaders Sued For Leading City On STRs

Toilet To The Tap Water Credits Not Usable For New Hotels?

Better idea: bypass all the complicated water credit issues and send that toilet water straight to the new hotels.

So it must have been a shock to P.G. City Manager Ben Harvey to receive a letter from the state water board on May 16, stating that the board was holding back on the payment because the city’s plan might be a breach of contract.

The issue appears to be a discrepancy of interpretations stemming from the water board’s 2009 order to the Monterey Peninsula to stop using water from the Carmel River. One interpretation is that due to the order, P.G. cannot keep any new water credits for itself – they all have to go back to the river.

Toilet To The Tap Water Credits Not Usable For New Hotels?

Pollution Advisory For Beaches. Again.

Seal posse Thom Ache-man’s bacteria pollutes beaches

The Monterey County Health Department has issued a Beach Advisory for Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove and Monterey Municipal Beach

There are various sources of bacteria such as marine life (i.e. seals, otters, and birds) and other animals; rainfall runoff; storm drains; and human activity. Rainfall is associated with increased bacterial levels due to runoff particularly in the area of man-made and natural storm drains such as culverts, streams and rivers.

Pollution Advisory For Beaches