Favaloro’s Closes

Favaloros Closed


Nino and Marie Favaloro will retain ownership of The Scotch Bakery and Café Ariana. Both are looking forward to being free in the evenings to spend more quality time with their children who were literally brought up in the back end of their restaurants up to this point in their lives. It was a difficult and emotional decision to sell the restaurant, but in the end, the kids’ needs won out.


Could the charges of Anthony Favaloro allegedly strangling a worker have anything to do with it? One of the strangest business owners in P.G.

Favaloro’s Closes

10 thoughts on “Favaloro’s Closes

  1. I am Marie Favaloro and My restaurant was proudly sold on December 18th of 2005. My restaurant sits empty because the buyers got red tagged by city of pg for not having permits for their remodel. My husband did not and I will for the last time DID NOT strangle anyone….you sick person. I know one thing…all your slander is going to the district attorneys office. Get a life and a job and stop slandering people you,,,,,,,,ss.

  2. and to add to that….no there is no news that hurt the favaloro restaurant…we are opening a new one…..ha ha ha

  3. what else do you want to know…that your name will be in front of the tabloids soon for slandering a decent family. you are reeally sick.

  4. Instead of bashing the website and swearing, why not present your side in a more polite manner?

    The domestic battery charges were reported in the news. Nothing here slanderous.

    In November you said “We have sold the Restaurant to spend more time with our two beautiful children” (PG Hometown Bulletin, November 2nd and 16th 2005).

    Now you say you are opening another restaurant. Be consistent. Flip flopping like that makes me feel that that story about the family was not truthful . . so why did the place close?

    PS. Try and leave some parking spaces open for the customers in your new business. The family’s pickup trucks and sports cars should be parked on a side street to leave space for customers.

  5. Well, the Mitsubishi still parks in the customer parking in front of Ariana Cafe, but it no longer has advertising on the doors.

    It’s a start toward customer service.

  6. Well, I see you are still snooping or shall I say a peeping tom. my signs have been off 4 day, I”m testing you. And keep watching because I will be parking my mits on Lighthouse every day, you idiot, and if you have balls, you can come and introduce yourself instead of slandering me and my family on the web. Tommorrow I shall go file a complaint with pg police and we’ll see if it wont put a stop to this, you idiot. You must like my car and if anything ever happens to it I will hold you responsible, It is not any of your business where I park my car….you idiot with nothing better to do.

  7. i saw you taking pictures of my businesses and my car again so now i’m being stocked by you and i have your friends license plate. i want you to leave me ,my family and my businesses alone. if you have a problem with the favaloro name-we are a big family.

  8. Let it go, Marie (assuming that this really is Marie Favaloro)

    It was not me, someone else that knows 90 minute spaces are for customers may have read your threats and followed up on it. A neighboring business? Perhaps another shopkeeper sees your family’s cars taking up parking spaces and is perturbed. Really, when I worked in food service I and the other employees had to park as far away from the front doors as possible. Even at that young age I could see the reason – make it easy for customers to park and come to our restaurant.

    Like the domestic violence charges against Anthony Favaloro, the violence in your words – “you idiot” “you have balls” “you have a problem” and threats “we are a big family”- reveal that violence must be a way of life for you and your big family. I’ll never ever leave a dime in any of your family’s businesses and I’ll never recommend your places to anybody.

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