Man Thought Police Cruiser Was A Taxi In Santa Cruz

Dane Ludwig

19-year-old Dane Ludwig was arrested Saturday night after he jumped into a stopped patrol car, mistaking it for a cab he had summoned.

Deputy Esther Beckman had stopped a bicyclist near Brommer Street. While she was talking to the cyclist, a man who had been drinking and ingesting cocaine got into the front passenger seat of her patrol car thinking it was a cab.

The bicyclist rode off repeating, “Dude, that was a trip” The would-be fare was jailed on suspicion of being under the influence.

Man Thought Police Cruiser Was A Taxi In Santa Cruz

2 thoughts on “Man Thought Police Cruiser Was A Taxi In Santa Cruz

  1. well……i am this “guys” sister and the way you portray him in this article is very offending. He died last December and he was a beautiful person. I don’t think you understand the pain you put people through with your articles. I know that it draws attention and probably promotes your business, but that is no excuse. Reading this article about my brother hurts me severely and i hope that someday you can find it in your heart to not be so judgmental and give people a bad rap when they don’t deserve it. Thanks.

  2. also………he was not ingesting cocaine. he wasn’t on any drugs. So maybe you should get your facts right before you go destroying reputations of people you don’t know.

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