Watsonville Chimes In On P.G. Police

When I first moved to the area, I was stopped by a Pacific Grove policeman. This time, I was truly curious.

As I drove away, the warning I understood was that older-model cars might be stopped and searched at random by Pacific Grove police.

Watsonville’s police force is dedicated to public safety, not collecting taxes. My interactions with Monterey and Pacific Grove have left me to believe that creating revenue is the priority. Perhaps they just don’t have enough to do. Perhaps those cities could save some money in work force reductions.

Me, I will be wary and do less shopping and eating in Monterey County. I can’t afford $250 toll roads.

Maybe that’s why the stabbings and gang shootings happen in Watsonville and not P.G.?
A few recent stories out of W-ville:
8/3 A homeless man and six Watsonville gang members, age 12-19, have been arrested in connection with the April slaying of another homeless man.
8/3 rape of a 23-year-old woman in her home early Saturday
7/17 WATSONVILLE – Police are searching for a man who they said tried to kill the mother of his children Friday morning.
7/17 Teen boy recovering after being shot in the stomach in gang incident
7/14 Car chase, crash, stabbing in Watsonville blamed on gang rivalry
7/13 Teen stabbed in the head after Sunday night car chase
7/12 Two stabbings reported in Watsonville
6/17 Two arrested for street corner gunpoint robbery outside Watsonville
6/17 Watsonville teen shot in suspected gang-related drive-by
6/17 Watsonville men face trial on gang, assault charges for stabbing on Santa Cruz’ Chestnut Street
6/6 Teens stabbed, badly hurt during Watsonville gang fight
6/5 Watsonville neighborhood feud erupts into street fight between gang members

Watsonville Chimes In

3 thoughts on “Watsonville Chimes In On P.G. Police

  1. I’m left wondering what the driver was actually cited for?

  2. Let off with a warning most likely after a records/warrant check.

    Given the frequency of crime in Watsonville, guy was probably stopped not for having an old car, but having an old car registered in Watsonville.

    Don’t matter how much P.G. needs the tax revenue, I don’t want Watsonville gang members hanging out here..

  3. PG cops used to pull me over a lot when I drove a cool VW bug with a sun on the back around PG. Figured it would be easier to get a regular car & I did & they didn’t pull me over as much. Also picked on is long hair on guys, someone told me. But now the PG budget is so tight they can’t have cops driving around as much as before. Which is nice.
    PGFD still drives around Asilomar beach a lot & of course there are no fires there.

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