Fresno Gang Members In Stolen Car Escape P.G. Police

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SLO caught them. Not to many escape routes from route 1 in south county.And Moe Ammar always told us how much the people from Fresno like our town.

Flora Encinia, 32; Delia Pena, 21; Manuel Del Real, 21; Ramiro Vasquez, 22; and Joe Hernandez, 28, were arrested late Sunday in San Luis Obispo County after a crime spree that began with a vehicle theft in Fresno County.

The group is accused of stealing a black Lincoln Navigator and robbing two gas station attendants during a wild ride that took them through Pacific Grove, Big Sur and Gorda, police said.

Because their alleged crimes span three counties, they could face charges in any of them, law enforcement officials said. Most likely, they’ll end up in a San Luis Obispo courtroom first.

Fresno Gang Members In Stolen Car Escape P.G. Police and

El Estero Car Wash Gives Away Customer’s Car

On May 6, a sunny Sunday afternoon, the Pacific Grove woman took her beloved blue BMW to El Estero Hand Car Wash for a spring cleaning. Watching the process from the video screen in the lobby, she saw the attendant put a final shine to her rearview mirror and started walking outside to drive it away.

And then someone beat her to it. An unknown man with a receding hairline and a big grin on his pale face jumped into the car like he owned it and floored it out the driveway.

“The guy just, bam, beelined, gave it gas and he was out of there,” said a still-incredulous Harmell.

It really is too easy. The attendants don’t check receipts, they hold the door open and let you in any car.

El Estero Car Wash Gives Away Customer’s Car

Naked Woman Escapes With Police Car

Watsonville police officers responded about 6:30 a.m. to a complaint of a man and woman arguing in their home on Miles Lane. While an officer was talking to the person who called to complain, Lisa Isidro fled from the house without any clothes, police said.

Another officer tried to detain Isidro, using chemical spray to subdue her. Instead, she jumped into a police car and tried to run over the officer, police said.

Naked Woman Escapes With Police Car