Pacific Grove Offers Alternates To Starbucks

LHA Starbucks

The closed KFC on Lighthouse Avenue in New Monterey has been transformed into Starbucks and Pacific Grove’s MoeAmmar sent out a message that there are P.G. coffee sellers that are superior to the mega coffee chain.

Shirt-for-hire wants us all to know that P.G. offers up coffee that costs more, is less convenient and has fewer choices than Starbucks.

The new Starbucks has a drive through, coffee that is cheaper, open for business when people want it and stands a less chance of being pooped on by gulls. No wonder P.G. fails to attract tourist dollars.

In reaction to a new multi-million dollar Monterey Starbucks opening less than 400 feet from its border, the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce took an advertisement in Wednesday’s Herald declaring its “preferred coffee shops.”

Starbucks is not on the list and Thursday the chamber will launch a marketing campaign to highlight its smaller, independent coffee shops.

“My mission is to educate and remind our residents and our businesses there are, at least, nine, 10 places where you can have coffee that, to me, is better than Starbucks,” chamber president Moe Ammar said.

Pacific Grove Offers Alternates To Starbucks

No More Double Downs On Lighthouse Avenue

Kfc Oob

Now you will be able to get venti caramel frappichino extra whip with a soy based liquid creamer. Should have been a Dunkin Donuts or an In’N’Out.

Kfc Oob Door

Starbucks plans to move into the former KFC and Long John Silver’s building near the city’s border with Pacific Grove.

The Seattle-based company could move into the location by August, according to Christy Hopper, Monterey’s senior associate planner.

Hopper, who has been working with the company for roughly eight months, said the plan calls for the building to be completely converted but keep the drive-through.

It will have outdoor seating and entrances on Hawthorne Street and Lighthouse Avenue.

No More Double Downs On Lighthouse Avenue

A Starbucks In Safeway Is Fast Food?

The Safeway up on Forest Hill did remodel a few years back. I could not tell the difference, the place is still cramped and hard to shop in
.Safeway Forest Hill

Anyway, they do have a deli where prepared take-out food is sold, so what’s the big deal? At least they are not trying to sell tacos.

Safeway wants to remodel its store to include a Starbucks, but the city has had a law on the books limiting “fast-food” businesses since 1980.

On Wednesday, the Pacific Grove City Council will consider whether a coffee bar within the store constitutes a “fast-food” business or is an integral part of the store itself.

A Starbucks In Safeway Is Fast Food?