Chowdergate Ends – Domenico’s To Pay For Pagers

Next time, just deliver them back to their owner. That makes a better statement.

As part of the settlement negotiated by retired Judge Harkjoon Paik, Mercurio agreed to pay Shake $6,870.

The agreement ends both civil and criminal actions against Mercurio, owner of Domenico’s on the Wharf. He was charged with petty theft for stealing the pagers, which were used to summon patrons of Shake’s Old Fisherman’s Grotto when their tables were ready.

Chowdergate Ends – Domenico’s To Pay For Pagers

Used Clothing Stores Attract Status Seeking Moms

Can’t let the little snowflakes run around in lesser clothing. Don’t forget that laws protecting children from clothing that contains lead do not apply to second hand shops.

From The Californian

A law set to take effect Tuesday will for the first time set limits on lead and other hazardous materials found in products manufactured for children ages 12 and younger.

The law stops short of requiring thrift and consignment shop owners to test second-hand clothing and toys. But it does hold them and other sellers liable for civil and criminal penalties if they sell products that have been subject to a recall or that have lead or phthalates content that exceeds the new limits.

More Used Clothes

With so many local businesses fighting for their lives or even closing down there are some who are doing surprisingly well. The Chatterbaux Children Consignment Shop in Pacific Grove is doing very well.

Heather Radcliffe from Pacific Grove says she does 80% of her shopping at the Chatterbaux, ” you can buy a lot more wonderful things, Jamboree, GAP, things that are more expensive, I can buy ten times of them here and pay less than the regular price”.

Used Clothing Stores Attract Status Seeking Moms

Rock Stacking In Spanish Bay

Well, when the split level is being foreclosed, the bimmer’s been repossessed, PG&E has disconnected for non payment and you are no longer allowed at MPCC, not much else to do but stack rocks.

A new fad has started in Pebble Beach — stacking rocks.

While most of the beach at Spanish Bay is covered in white sand and light shrubbery, a stretch of a little more than 100 yards is covered with hundreds of columns of stacked rocks, with some columns standing more than 5 feet tall. And they are arranged with the grace of a Japanese Zen garden.

Rock Stacking In Spanish Bay

Leave A Million Dollars In A Mini Storage?

If I was really looking out for the security of gold coins, I’d be asking a bank with a vault. Not a place where excess household junk is kept. Where’s Nadar??? Is he hiding in the bushes?
X space Mini Storage

In a lawsuit filed June 18 against Extra Space Storage, Lillian King is seeking compensation for valuable silver coins and precious jewelry, which she says were stolen in 2006.

In January 2006, King’s attorney arranged to have 17 boxes of gold and silver coins and jewelry placed into a unit at the storage facility, according to the suit. In May of that year, King’s attorney removed two boxes of gold coins from the unit and placed them into a bank for safe keeping. However, days after that, the lawsuit claims, the storage unit was broken into and the remaining 15 boxes of silver coins and jewelry were stolen.

P.G. High Jocks Get $6,000,000 Stadium

Bumper Stickers Equate To Anger, Road Rage

Interesting, but true in experience.
Bumper Stickers

A compelling but puzzling finding from Colorado State University says motorists who put bumper stickers on their cars are more likely to show aggressive road rage than those who don’t.

The key apparently lies in the idea of territoriality, according to the report, which is being published in several scientific journals.

Drivers who personalize their cars using bumper stickers, window decals and vanity plates, the researchers claim, see their cars in the same way as they see their homes and bedrooms — as deeply personal space, or primary territory.

Bumper Stickers Equate To Anger, Road Rage