Leave A Million Dollars In A Mini Storage?

If I was really looking out for the security of gold coins, I’d be asking a bank with a vault. Not a place where excess household junk is kept. Where’s Nadar??? Is he hiding in the bushes?
X space Mini Storage

In a lawsuit filed June 18 against Extra Space Storage, Lillian King is seeking compensation for valuable silver coins and precious jewelry, which she says were stolen in 2006.

In January 2006, King’s attorney arranged to have 17 boxes of gold and silver coins and jewelry placed into a unit at the storage facility, according to the suit. In May of that year, King’s attorney removed two boxes of gold coins from the unit and placed them into a bank for safe keeping. However, days after that, the lawsuit claims, the storage unit was broken into and the remaining 15 boxes of silver coins and jewelry were stolen.

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