Used Clothing Stores Attract Status Seeking Moms

Can’t let the little snowflakes run around in lesser clothing. Don’t forget that laws protecting children from clothing that contains lead do not apply to second hand shops.

From The Californian

A law set to take effect Tuesday will for the first time set limits on lead and other hazardous materials found in products manufactured for children ages 12 and younger.

The law stops short of requiring thrift and consignment shop owners to test second-hand clothing and toys. But it does hold them and other sellers liable for civil and criminal penalties if they sell products that have been subject to a recall or that have lead or phthalates content that exceeds the new limits.

More Used Clothes

With so many local businesses fighting for their lives or even closing down there are some who are doing surprisingly well. The Chatterbaux Children Consignment Shop in Pacific Grove is doing very well.

Heather Radcliffe from Pacific Grove says she does 80% of her shopping at the Chatterbaux, ” you can buy a lot more wonderful things, Jamboree, GAP, things that are more expensive, I can buy ten times of them here and pay less than the regular price”.

Used Clothing Stores Attract Status Seeking Moms