With All Of P.G.'s Problems Solved, Council Considers Allowing Walkers On Bike Path

Bicycle crash

I remember getting scolded by the cyclist in the Tam O’Shanter hat when I would stray onto the blacktop to shield my kids from the speeding bikes.

This was not passed.

The city council on Wednesday could pass the first reading of an ordinance to make the bike path and trail and multi-use area.

According to the city, members of the Traffic Commission have observed conflicts between pedestrians and bicyclists over who belongs where. The city’s staff reports says there is an “expectation on the part of the bicyclists that the paved portion is exclusive to bicycles when in fact, by custom and practice, this has been a shared use trail.”

With All Of P.G.’s Problems Solved, Council Considers Allowing Walkers On Bike Path

Letters From The Editor – Bicyclists' Style

Bicycle crash

Riders should be schooled on style

Since “slapping a female pedestrian on the head” clearly demonstrates a lack of style, perhaps the “Style Man” from Bicycling Magazine could host a seminar for local riders to explain the true essence of “Style.”

For example, there is a lack of style when the Recreation Trail is used as a criterium course for racing.

“Riders yelling at pedestrians” not only lacks style, it is a psychological call for help by riders who are consistently left behind on their local club rides.

Pedestrians could show some empathy to riders, since it is pretty difficult to keep your legs shaved, match the color of your clothes to the color of your bike, monitor your heart rate and rpms and learn words like: criterium, peloton, and bello.

The City Council could issue each rider a copy of the law to give to pedestrians, along with a stern warning when pedestrians stray into the “Bike Only” lane; of course this completely lacks style. “Style Man” might simply suggest riding next to the interloping female and say, “Hello, isn’t Monterey Bay beautiful (bello).” Now that’s style.

Dennis Tibbetts

Letters From The Editor – Bicyclists’ Style

Traffic Commission Investigating Rowdy Recreation Trail Cyclists

Bicycle crash

I was constantly reminded of the rules by the guy in the Tam O’Shanter when taking my kids on the trail. Set one foot on the blacktop when he’s around and it was a verbal harassment.

Commission Chairman George Shayne told the City Council on Wednesday that the commission would like to see Pacific Grove bring its trail regulations in line with those of other cities the trail passes through.

He said Pacific Grove is the only city that cites pedestrians for walking on the bike path of its section of the Rec Trail and “it isn’t working.”

Instead, he said, some bicyclists seem to have a sense of entitlement and resent pedestrians who stray from the footpath to the paved bike path as they whiz by.

The commission has received complaints since the 1990s of bicyclists yelling and screaming at pedestrians, and it even got one report of a cyclist slapping a female pedestrian on the back of the head as he rode by.

Traffic Commission Investigating Rowdy Recreation Trail Cyclists

Guitar Mike, The Recreation Trail Strummer

I’ve wondered what the story was. Stop and listen while on your walk.

At 54, Urso has dreams and aspirations of making a CD one day, and maybe hitting it big, but doesn’t know how to get that done.

So he plays for tourists and locals who pass him on the recreation trail, a few hundred yards south of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They reward him with coins and dollar bills.

“I had a pretty good day yesterday. The Row was packed with people walking around for the holidays and I wound up making about $30,” says Urso, who wears dirty jeans with softball-sized holes in the knees, a dark blue parka and an olive green cap. His silver hair is long and his beard could use a trim.

Guitar Mike, The Recreation Trail Strummer

Recreation Trail Repair Industrial Accident

And that P.G./Monterey Fire department merger is on, BTW.

Monterey Fire Battalion Chief Stewart Roth said a construction worker was trapped near the intersection of Ocean View Boulevard and Seapalm Avenue along the bike path.

Gabriel Godinas, an employee with James Sumerville, Inc., was trapped up to his waist in the ground. Rescue workers were forced to shore up the seawall before they were able to remove Godinas from the ground.

trail scene 1

trail scene 2

Recreation Trail Repair Industrial Accident

P.G. To Seize The Trail?

The abandoned line — originally owned by Southern Pacific Railroad — has been zoned “O” for open space in the city’s general plan, senior city planner Lynn Burgess said. The general plan describes the line as 12.9acres extending “from the Monarch Pines Mobile Home Park on the east to Sinex Avenue on the south.”

“Due to the unquestioned, open and uninterrupted use of this property for public recreation and trail use,” (city planner Lynn)Burgess wrote, “there has been public acquisition of this public recreation use and trail right-of-way by prescription.”

Recreation Train In Forest

(W)Rec Trail For Sale

trail sale

Union Pacific Railroad is offering its former rail line in Pacific Grove’s Asilomar area for sale, with an asking price of $1.6 million.

The property includes a .69 acre lot at Crocker and Sinex avenues that may be suitable for building. A railroad station once stood on the corner, according to Union Pacific spokeswoman Zoe Richmond in Sacramento.

The total 9.12 acre property stretches from Sinex Avenue to the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course, but most of it is “very thin,” she said, “not something for development.”

Union Pacific put the property up for sale about eight years ago,

Why didn’t P.G. buy it back then when there was money in the bank?

(W)Rec Trail For Sale

(W)Rec Trail Repairs Approved & Underway

But need your donations. It’s another chance to get your name on a brick!trail repair

While limited emergency repairs were approved by the California Coastal Commission in early 2004, the process for gaining approval for the entire project involved several federal, state and local agencies.

The city will be seeking donations — an additional $192,000 — to complete the projects.

(W)Rec Trail Repairs Approved & Underway

More Robberies On The Recreation Trail

About 9:40 p.m., several subjects confronted a couple walking near the trail toward San Carlos Beach, threatened them and demanded their property, Monterey police said. The female victim was able to persuade the would-be robbers to let them go, and the couple left the area, police said.

Immediately after this, the robbers confronted, struck and robbed a male riding a bicycle on the Recreation Trail. This victim fled and called 911, police said.

Officers responding to the area located three men striking another victim and robbing him of his wallet. A citizen and members of the Coast Guard assisted in identifying and detaining the men.

Officers arrested Harvey Dale Byrum, 19, of Monterey; Justin Allen Casey, 18, of Seaside; and Jamar Khary Johnson, 20 of Seaside.

The trail follows the old train tracks from Spanish Bay all the way to Seaside. These attacks and robberies mostly happen between Lovers Point and Lake El Estero. Don’t go there at night.

Recreation Trail GrafittiRecreation Trail Escape

More Robberies On The Recreation Trail